Ways to Use Text in Your Next Video Production

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As you prepare to film a commercial, music video, training video, or product demo, consider how powerful text can be to your audience. Your video may primarily rely on a voiceover or character dialogue, but you can also include physical text on the screen to hook viewers and reiterate your main points or features. Here are a handful of text-related things to think about when creating your next Orlando video production:

Understanding the Power of Typography

Typography is both an art form and a craft, as it is the method of choosing and arranging type. Our understanding and acceptance of words depends on the typography used, whether on the Internet, in a textbook, or in a commercial. Many companies, such as Disney, Apple, and Coca-Cola rely on a particular typeface (called font, when used on computers) that is immediately recognizable. Although you do not have to choose a single typeface to represent your company, you should consider how the design of your text could affect your company’s character and the comprehension of information. Typefaces can be business-like, casual, severe, playful, and more, so consider which design might best suit your company or products.

Consider Your Voice

As you choose a typeface, consider the language you intend to use. Your approach might be business, casual, quirky, intense, or anything else. Written text can often have different weight or meaning than spoken text, so consider how your information looks and sounds from all angles.

Aesthetic Appeal

The vision and overall design of your video production are meaningful and will have an impact on your audience. Your video should have a cohesive look that leaves an impression, which means making smart choices about your chosen typography, design, and narrative voice. Consider taking a business-like approach if you are showing off your facilities, or use fresh, uncluttered text if highlighting new products or services. Your dedicated camera crew can help you pull together strong visuals with text that supports and enhances your video’s aesthetic appeal.

Ways to Support Visuals with Text

There are endless ways to support your Orlando video production by including text. You can tell a compelling visual story to draw the audience in, using text only at the end to introduce your brand name. Alternatively, you could increase your commercial’s credibility by overlaying text such as consumer or news reviews. You might also consider highlighting a product’s features by having the key points listed on the screen.

Similarly, the text you choose can be integrated in many ways. You could have text layered word by word as a voiceover reads it, or put the focus on the visuals but include short snippets of text that fade in or out. You can also include small graphics or design elements in combination with text. Above all, simply be creative throughout the storyboarding process. Experiment with your word choice, typefaces, graphic design elements, and text placement until you find what looks best.

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