What Makes a Video Viral?

We’re all familiar with the feeling of being “rick-rolled”.  We laughed at the first time we saw a small British child exclaim “Charlie bit me!”.  But what makes these videos so fascinating to us?  It could be the allure of how many views it has, altering our perception into “with that many views, it must be good!”.  There is a complex science to what makes a video take off in popularity, eventually making its way into office e-mails and Facebook posts.  What can you do to make the next viral video?

To start, is the video completely original, or mocking an original video?  Sometimes when fans make their own renditions of a popular video, they can garner more attention over time.  Viral videos don’t have to be offensive or shocking.  The most memorable ones are often animals doing something cute, incredible feats in sports, and evolutions in the art of dance.

Recently, we’re starting to see celebrities appear in viral videos, acting in ways atypical for their star status.  Of course, a beloved celebrity in a video is most likely going to propel a video to go viral.

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