What Our New Jib/Crane can do for You!

At NG Production Films, we are always looking for ways to take our Orlando Video Production services to the next level, and have now done so with our new 18 foot Jib, or also know as a crane to others in video production.  We are now able to give clients the video production edge they’ve been waiting for, and we’re very excited about the numerous applications this sophisticated piece of equipment is capable of.

Now the first thing you might be wondering is, what exactly is a jib? Well here it is (image):

video jib/crane
From www.craneswebsite.com

By positioning a camera at the top of a jib, a production team is able to get many different angled shots that can’t be achieved by other means.  Jib arm shorts capture many different aspects of what we see in television and films.  An example of this shot is one that seems high above and slowly lowers until it is level with the ground.  It kind of gives that “floating camera” affect that adds a huge dynamic to any production.

Jibs are ideal for music videos, dynamic shots, and any kind of open area shots.  It immediately helps a video stand out from others.  It takes a skilled operator to be able to control a camera with a jib appropriately because they can’t look through the viewfinder.  A remote camera control is necessary to alter the focus and zoom of the camera during the shot.

NG Production Films has jib operators that are able to utilize jibs to their fullest potential.  If you’re looking for an exceptional Orlando video production with the use of our jib/crane and other technologies/equipment, contact us today at 877-203-2895.