Why You Should Hire Quality Actors

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Simply put, video productions are complex. With so many pieces to connect and aspects to consider, there are many individual factors that could make or break your production. You need the best possible camera crew to ensure good audio and lighting levels, as well as superior shot set-up and post-production editing skills. Aside from these technical aspects, though, any actors involved in your production will fill a particularly important and influential role. Actors are there to deliver your branded content and will be the aspect of your video most noticed by your audience, so making an authentic connection is of the utmost importance. Here are several reasons to hire quality actors for your next Orlando video production:


How to Use Actors

Local businesses can gain ground in video marketing by showcasing their roots and surroundings. Some tools you can use to make your production more personal aregiving a tour of your facilities, including employee scenarios, and filming customer testimonials or interactions. To keep your production from seeming too much like a home movie, however, you may want to hire actors to fulfill some of these roles.


You can include a strong voiceover over a pair of individuals acting out a wordless scene, or let your actors exchange a few lines in one of your shots. Alternatively, you can write a full script and storyboard a plot, no matter the length of your production. It is entirely possible to create a compelling story within a 15- or 30-second commercial, especially if you have quality actors on hand.



Compelling content should be the goal at the forefront of any video production, but delivering that content properly requires a multifaceted set of skills. Text delivery requires diction, articulation, and clarity as well as pacing and emotional input. Still, too much diction can seem stilted or academic, while overly cautious pacing may feel unnatural. Actors who are both talented and experienced can give you the optimal balance of all of these technically based traits.



The best productions connect with their audiences on a personal level and are compelling in some way. Unless your vision states it, your commercial or longer video production should not feel like a soap opera. Your actors should be realistic and authentic, not stodgy or overly salesy. The right actors will help you create an open, inviting environment that will draw your audience in and immerse them in your brand.


On-Set Savvy

If your actors have any previous experience, this will save you both time and stress on the set. Experienced actors are professional and polished, and will work well with you and your camera crew. In addition, they will likely be more flexible and accommodating, open to last-minute changes and able to handle on-set surprises. Your actor will be happy to add to his or her resume, of course, but they should also strive to be integrated into your production no matter your products or services. This chameleon-like ability, to adapt to changes and slip into any required role, is what sets quality actors aside from the rest.


Who to Hire?

Hiring actors comes with a few challenges. You can always start your search for actors within your company, because including employees in your production will make it even more authentic. As a bonus, your employees may exude a natural, genuine, and positive vibe that your intended audience will be able to feel. If you plan to hire from within, simply start by asking your employees to say a few test lines to check their tone, pacing, and delivery.


Alternatively, you can hire local students or professionals for your production. These actors will likely be eager for a gig, so you should have a wide pool of candidates to choose from. No matter whom you hire, ensure they are a good fit for your company and brand. Personality and charisma are essential, but it can also help to find an actor who has experience in your type of production as well. If your film project only requires a voice actor for narration purposes, search until you find an intriguing voice that does not speak in a monotone or mumble.
How to Hire

If you are unsure of finding a quality actor on your own, consider asking your video production team for assistance. They will likely have numerous experienced, talented suggestions, and your crew can also help you navigate the hiring process. Before calling for actors, however, make sure your script and storyboard are set. Your work-for-hire agreements or contracts may differ depending on whether your actor has lines, no lines, or a few lines.


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