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Our last post explored five reasons to include video on your company’s website, including that doing so can increase information retention and help humanize your brand. Here are five additional benefits of posting your next Orlando corporate video production on your site:


  1. Lower Website Bounce Rate


Having video content can increase a visitor’s average visit length by keeping viewers on the page for longer periods of time. This increase is known as “dwell time” by Google and can, in turn, improve your search engine result pages (SERP) ranking. Because of this, lowering your bounce rate can increase both how many consumers find your website and how many of them convert into viable leads after spending more time on the site.


  1. Google Prioritizes Video Results and Quality Content


When building a website, you should consider these four facts about Google:

  • Uses blended or universal search (text, photos, videos)
  • Owns YouTube
  • Prioritizes video results
  • Implemented the Hummingbird search algorithm update, which ranks quality content above proper keyword use.


One way that Google calculates rankings is according to the idea that the longer a user spends on your business website, the more likely it is that he or she found the answer to the question they were searching for. Due to these facts, including video on your website can dramatically improve your SERP ranking. Furthermore, including a transcript or related blog post about the clip’s message will help Google crawl and index it.


  1. Easy Email Conversions


Email remains a powerful marketing tool, but many businesses lose leads thanks to text-only messages. Including any type of media can increase time spent in the email and converted leads. However, your email should have a strong call to action that requires a single click. For example, write a short introduction and include a video screen grab that takes readers directly to your website to view the clip. Whether the viewers choose to finish watching or not, the landing page will give them easy access to information about your business, from products or reviews to rates and ways to contact.


  1. Boosts Company Credibility


Website design is a big part of how consumers view your brand. A professional website that gives reliable, relevant information will help build trust with viewers. Including video content shows that you are invested in your company and interested in providing consumers with the information they need. About us and company origin videos demonstrate that you take pride in your brand, while tutorials and product demonstrations can help establish your business as a subject matter expert.


  1. Keep Up With the Competition


Having a website is a necessity in today’s digital marketing world. On Facebook and other social media outlets, the formatting is the same and will not help your business stand out. Start with a well-designed website and add quality content that will help consumers find your page and encourage them to return.


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