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Generating leads and website traffic is difficult but necessary for those trying to build their brand and sell products or services. After all, once a web user on the site, he or she will be more likely to look around, learn more, and potentially make a purchase or call to book your services. Local, Orlando video productions can help build name recognition, sell products, and demonstrate how something works, but how can they lead viewers to your website? Here are three ways to link posted video content and your website:


1) Television or Internet Commercials


Traditional advertising via commercials is still popular because it works. Displaying your ad for television or streaming Internet video viewers may entice them into buying your product or learning more about your services. To direct traffic to your website, however, there are several tactics to consider using:

  • Display your website URL at the bottom of the screen throughout the ad
  • Make sure your URL is simple if you want users to type it in directly
  • Use search engine optimization effectively so that your website pops up if viewers type in a few relevant keywords instead
  • Give consumers a reason to visit your website, such as to learn more about your services, to schedule an appointment, or to access special content


Only so much information can be given in a 15- or 30-second commercial, which is why viewers should know where to go to learn more.


2) Social Media Platforms


Most social media users love visual content, as evidenced by the fact that they engage with it much more than with text-only statuses and posts. Every time you post a video on Facebook or Instagram, include a shortened permalink that directs viewers to your site. The link should be relevant to the specific video, if possible. For example, the link could go to your products page, an about us page, or a blog post on the same topic.


3) Email Newsletter


Including video in your email newsletter is a great way to increase viewer engagement and the amount of time spent on the page. Plus, there a couple of different ways to connect the body of your email directly to your website. One possibility is to include a bit of text introducing the clip, with a website link just below so that it is easily accessible for viewers interested in learning more. Alternatively, host the clip on a specific landing page. When readers click the play button to watch, they will be taken to your website. Once there, the viewer has easy access to all of your pages, including services and contact information.


Not Limited to Commercials


The best part about these varying ad placements is that not all of the clips have to be direct marketing commercials. To learn more about the types of Orlando video productions that could be included, contact NG Production Films. Our dynamic team has over fifteen years of experience with everything from music videos to live event captures. Call us today at (877) 203-2895 to get started.