Sometimes the work a person does early on in a project can save them from additional work towards the end.

This is definitely the case with Orlando video production projects. Editing and polishing a video can be a pain, especially if there are problems in the planning and recording phases.

Knowing a few simple tips can help anyone make their projects easier to edit and ensure things don’t become a struggle once the video is nearing completion.

Tips for the Video Production Planning and Recording Phases

From plotting out the content of a video in scripts and storyboards to actually standing behind the camera and making it happen, there are many steps that go into creating a great video project.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind during this time to make the editing and production processes much easier.

1.    Use Bullet Points in Scripts

Often when people write video scripts, they’re so concerned with saying the right things they try to create a word-for-word transcript. The problem is this transcript doesn’t always come off as human-sounding when it is read.

Create a script using bullet points. This ensures the important points can be discussed and gives the narrator a little room to be creative in their delivery. It ensures a person won’t end up with a wooden sounding video when it comes time to post it.

2.    Leave Pauses After Slips

Slipping up while reading a script can mean having to start over on the previous line if the recording is done in a single take. To make things easier on the person doing the editing, leave a few seconds before restarting.

This ensures a clean edit can be made so the video looks and sound professional. With a few seconds of silence, a fade can even be done to make the transition look intentional.

3.    Go Longer if Possible

Video consumption continues to increase, but that doesn’t always mean a longer video is better. Still, the principle still applies that a person can always take away, but they can’t add more during editing.

It’s always better to go a little longer than to end up short. This means an editor won’t have to reach out for more footage to complete the project at a suitable length.

Bring in Professionals for Recording and Production Assistance

Creating an Orlando video production project is a complex task. By knowing the right steps to take during the planning and recording process, anyone can create a better end result.

It’s even easier with the help of a skilled Orlando video production company that can help in every phase of the project.

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