Every memorable, engaging video production starts with an idea.

The topic of a video is just as important as the quality, or even more so. It can impact how many people share the content and engage with the brand.

But for a video marketer who likes a full content schedule, sometimes finding interesting topics is challenging. It’s why so many companies look to the competition for inspiration.

Is this approach effective? Let’s analyze the pros and cons of using competitor analysis to generate video topics.

The Pros: Stay Relevant and Competitive in Fast-Paced Industries

For video topics like breaking news, fresh industry developments, or recently released case studies, the sooner the topic is covered the better.

It isn’t uncommon for these topics to be covered by multiple companies. When content creators are quick to cover what’s new and interesting, they can build up engagement and trust from the audience.

While it’s fine if there is some overlap among these breaking topics, it’s better if there isn’t. Remember, competitor analysis isn’t just about discovering what the competition is doing – it’s about finding the gaps.

Analysis can help companies stand out and differentiate themselves, sometimes even in style alone. For example, if a company focuses on addressing topics in a very technical way, their competitor could potentially take a more casual, direct, and straightforward approach to stand out.

The Cons: Content Creators May Become Reactive and Dependent

The bigger purpose of competitor analysis is for comparisons – to see how a company is performing alongside others close to it.

Content creators who get all or even a majority of their video topics from competitors may become too dependent on such a method. As a result, they could lose sight of their own brand’s content strategy.

A company that pays too close attention to competition could become a follower. Determined companies want to be industry leaders – that requires them to observe others, but not follow their every move.

Bonus Tips: Look at Indirect Competitors and Find Internal Inspiration

There are many ways to find topic inspiration beyond direct competitor analysis.   

First, consider indirect competitors. For example, a fitness center may not be in direct competition with a health spa. However, since customers may consider each as a means to improve their wellbeing, there is still some potential topic overlap.

Internal inspiration can sometimes be even more effective in allowing the brand’s own originality to shine through.

Whether the topic ideas come from the team, B2B partners, or even the customers, brands have plenty of sources to use from within.

Get Topic Inspiration from an Orlando Video Production Expert

The topic of a video can determine its success, so it’s important to be confident in a choice.

Even the most seasoned video marketer may want some inspiration beyond competitive analysis. This is where a skilled Orlando video production company can help.

Pros who understand the video production industry and the art of video in general know which topics lend themselves well to brands, their goals, and their audiences. Ready to find the perfect topic?

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