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Content marketing is the modern day solution to aggressive sales pitches, which are often time-consuming, expensive to execute, and no longer as effective. Effective video content marketing requires a certain amount of know-how to determine the right vision, information, and placement. Here are four tips for creating your next Orlando corporate video production:


  1. Go Where Your Audience Is


All videos should be created with the target audience in mind, and the same is especially true for any type of content marketing. If your primary clientele do not use social media, for example, stick to internet infomercials or clips shared in email newsletters. On the other hand, if your primary audience uses various social media platforms, then figure out the best way to reach them. Will they respond to video content posted on Facebook, or a link sent via Twitter? Could you make a series of short Snapchat or Vine clips instead? Knowing where you will place the clip will help determine its content.


  1. Be a Problem-Solver


Video content marketing is much different from commercials, where the goal is to sell a product or service. Although you can include a call to action, you should avoid being overtly sales-oriented. Instead, produce highly relevant content and act as a problem-solver to answer questions for consumers. Producing customer-centric information means telling them the things they would want to know. Ideas include:

  • Client stories and experiences
  • Educational information
  • How-to’s and tutorials
  • Product demonstrations
  • Commentary on industry news


Whatever you post, make sure it is high-quality and extremely relevant. This will help build consumer trust in addition to name recognition.


  1. Make Posts Inviting or Interactive


How many websites have long-winded, boring FAQs or about us pages? Consider spicing things up by making your pages more interactive and light-hearted with an Orlando corporate video production. You could cover a few frequently asked questions in a humorous video clip or show off your staff in person rather than in print. Alternatively, respond to additional FAQs in future blog posts, how-to videos, and product tutorials to make the most of your content.


  1. Connect Viewers to Your Website


Many platforms give you the option to directly upload content, bypassing the option to embed. While this can help increase viewership and reduce the risk of broken links, it may be more difficult to get viewers to your website after the fact. If your goal is merely to increase brand recognition, then that may be enough. If you hope to convert leads by increase email newsletter signups or app downloads, then consider hosting videos on the site instead. Keep in mind, however, that users who do not regularly visit your website will not see new content there. Make sure that your digital ads, emails, or posts send viewers to your landing page.


For assistance, with your next content marketing campaign, contact our Orlando corporate video production company, NG Production Films. Our dynamic crew has over fifteen years of filmmaking experience and can help you produce the type of content your target market really wants. Learn more by calling (877) 203-2895 or filling out this short online form for a prompt reply.