4 Tips for Branding Within Your Video

Branding your company can be very extensive and difficult process, especially when you’re unsure where to start. An Orlando video production can give your business the boost it needs to attract your audience, and it can also give you a chance to build your brands image. Consider these important branding tips when creating a video production for your business.

1. Logo: If your company already has a logo, you will want to utilize it in every way you can within your Orlando video production so people will begin to recognize your business’ image whenever they see your logo. It should be something simple yet memorable that people will associate with the brand image you are trying to exhibit.

2. Colors: If you already have a logo, you more than likely have colors associated with your company. This is another key to keeping videos consistent; you want to incorporate your colors throughout your video to represent your brand. Many big brands typically stick with one color scheme, such as Mcdonalds and their red and yellow colors, to associate that color scheme with their image.

3. Music: If you’re going to incorporate music into your videos, make sure you’re consistently using the same song, or jingle. You don’t want to confuse your audience by using one specific song for several videos and then changing the theme to something else.

4. Message: Your commercials are expected to have a similar tone and voice that resonates through each Orlando video production. You want people to recognize your brand without having to see the logo, and with a consistent message, you’re more likely to become more recognized with every video.

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