Product descriptions should be some of the most finely tuned and well-crafted pages on any business’s website.

If they’re a profit-based organization, they need a consistent focus on honing these crucial content pieces. One way of doing this is to integrate a video ad, almost always complimented by a specs list and call to action on a product page.

That may be a time-proven formula, but it isn’t the only application for video. Here are some other ways video can be used for product listings.

Make Product Pages Pop Out: Use Videos for These Helpful Functions

The following top 5 tips will help spark your imagination on the many ways video can set your sales on fire.

Once you’ve read through this list, let’s discuss together what kind of video would work best for your business and sales strategy.

1.    Product Demonstrations & Showcases

There’s no better way to introduce a product to a new customer online than with a video.

While the limitations of the web prevent the shopper from picking the product up and looking at it from all sides, they can at least watch someone else do the same thing.

2.    Reviews from Confirmed Customers

E-commerce websites can generate more trust from buyers by allowing video reviews from confirmed customers.

This may require some moderation, so companies should make sure they have the resources for it. But working with a qualified Orlando video production company can provide insight about how to display videos, editing tips, and more.

3.    Endorsements from Influencers

If a company really wants to push a product further, they can contact an influential figure. Recording their use of a product and testimonials about their experience can be a great way to get more attention on a good or service.

4.    Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes the design of a product can be confusing – or at least not clear enough on all points.

If one aspect about a product is consistently questioned, demonstrating the answer in a video can be more effective than simply typing it out on a FAQs page or setting up a help line. This can also save a company resources in customer support, freeing up said resources for other functions.

5.    Warnings

If a product isn’t to be used in a certain way, illustrating it visually can be the best way to get the point across. If people see something done and understand the consequences, they are less likely to do it themselves.

Improving Product Listings with Video Production

Video is a great tool for businesses because of its versatility. Helping customers through the sales funnel requires a company to have answers, information, and guides readily available.

With the help of Orlando camera crews and editing experts, companies can make sure their videos have the polished look that helps boost any product listing. Sales is a complex field, but it sometimes simply requires having the right information in the right place – and the right format.

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