Every business, startup, and entrepreneur needs a website – it’s an affordable way to get one’s name out and begin interacting with prospective customers.

Designing a site is a complex process that involves many different aspects. This includes graphic design, coding, and more. Videos can also be used to enhance a website and help boost its effectiveness in multiple areas.

Using Video to Make Websites Stand Out

How can a website stand out among the crowd? Videos help, and they offer plenty of possibilities. Here are five of the ways a company can utilize videos on their website to improve a user’s experience and potentially even boost engagement.

1.    Introduction Videos

Don’t just type out hello, or say it with a static graphic – say it in an interactive way through an introduction video. Show off the team, talk about the brand, and reinforce the goal of the site. Show and tell users how the site can help them, and make them feel right at home.

2.    Website Tours

If a site is complex with multiple sub-domains and menu sections, a tour can help. Videos are great for giving quick tours as they can actually show the site being navigated and talk a user through how to find exactly what they need.

3.    Animated Backgrounds

While most sites go with a static image in the background, some design platforms give users the chance to use videos. This adds a little more activity to the site. It can entice a viewer to stick around and see what they can find, and it makes a site more memorable than it would’ve been with a stationary graphic in the background.

4.    Interactive Calls-to-Action

Call a viewer to action – literally. Videos are a smart tool for encouraging users to reach out because they can literally start a conversation. With a real person talking to them and encouraging them to respond back, it can make a person feel as if the conversation has already begun. This means the pressure is off the user to make the first move. Instead, they’re responding and feel more at ease.

5.    Interactive Chat Support

Support is a cornerstone of any business, and this means those who have dedicated support departments should consider a video approach. Being able to talk with a real person is good – but being able to see them during the conversation is better. It will help customers know their questions are addressed by someone who can help.

Improve a Website with Orlando Video Production Pros

Enlisting the help of an Orlando video production company can help anyone improve their website. There are many places where video can work well, and greatly improve both the functionality of a sight and its potential for driving engagement.

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