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Including video content in emails is engaging, well-respected, and, most importantly, can dramatically increase click-through rates. Here are five reasons to develop an Orlando video production for your website and email newsletter:


  1. Visually Compelling


Think about any form of marketing, from fliers and billboards to television commercials and Facebook posts. Once your message is out there, the goal is to encourage interest and viewership for as long as possible. The more a consumer is engrossed in your message, the more likely they will be to remember your name for future reference, engage with the content by commenting or forwarding, or take another action such as calling or emailing. Video is a visually compelling element that can pique interest while breaking up the text of a long email. It can make your viewer less likely to skip ahead without pausing for at least a moment. As you know, sometimes a moment is all it takes to interest a consumer and convert a new lead.


  1. Increases Professionalism and Credibility


Generating Orlando video productions is part of building a better brand, and including videos in email helps to ensure your audience sees them. Professionally produced videos show consumers that you are invested in producing quality content. Even a short video can help improve your brand image and reputation if it has strong content and visuals. If you stand behind your work and offer high-quality products or services, make sure your video productions reflect that.


  1. Provides Valuable Information


In the case of email newsletters, your audience has chosen to opt-in to receive information and updates. Why not deliver compelling content that they want? Since your audience has already interacted with your company by signing up for the email list, your newsletter content does not need to be 100% self-promotional and salesy. Make every message count by delivering product demonstrations, how-to videos, post-convention highlights, company-wide announcements, and more. Great content will help guarantee your audience stays both engaged in the moment and subscribed for the future.


  1. Easy to Share


Most people love using the Internet to both give recommendations and ask others for advice. If your video answers a question consumers have, they may be more inclined to forward the email to a friend or co-worker who was asking the same question. If your video opens to play in a new browser window, include social media shortcuts for easy sharing through Twitter, Facebook messenger, and more.


  1. Increases Click-Through Rates


Including a video is an easy way to increase click-through rates rather than having a text-only call to action. As alluded to above, if a video is not embedded in the email it can be hosted elsewhere online such as YouTube or, more preferably, your company’s website. In the body of the email, include either a still image or animated GIF of a few video frames with an overlay play button. One click will take the consumer to your landing page, playing the video as desired but within easy reach of your contact information, about us page, and product sales pages.


Producing a series of videos on a single topic or related topics will further encourage your email subscribers to open new messages and view the content each time. For help getting started with visually-compelling email marketing, contact our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films online or by calling (877) 203-2895.