5 Simple Benefits of Trade Show Videos

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If you have a booth booked for an upcoming trade show, how do you plan to draw people in to your area and get them interested in your products or services? Trade shows are an exciting way to showcase your services and connect with new clientele, but they can also be extremely loud and crowded. You need a way to attract attention to your booth in a professional way without tricks or gimmicks. There are many different types of convention and corporate video productions in Orlando, but this post will discuss a few of the benefits of having a quality trade show video:

  1. Attracts an Audience

Trade shows are packed with people, so you need a way to entice those who might otherwise walk past without a glance. The purpose of a trade show video loop is to draw an audience to your table for more information. This depends on you and could come in the form ofa list of your services, a product demonstration,a sign-up sheet for your company’s newsletter, and more.

  1. Boosts Your Credibility

A well-made video will show how invested you are in your company, leaving viewers with a positive impression. Having an overall engaged and professional air will give consumers much more confidence in your company and your products or services. This boost of credibility may be all you need to attract a few new clients.

  1. Acts as a Simple Conversation Starter

Standing or sitting behind your company’s exhibit table can make it difficult to attract interested clients. At the same time, trying too hard to reach out to people may come across as pushy or salesy, which could be the wrong vibe for your company. A video loop is eye-catching and non-threatening to passersby. Potential clients can simply stand and watch for a few moments, or they have the option to slip forward and ask questions about the video or your services.

  1. Makes Demonstrations Easy

Videos make it easy to showcase products or make points to potential clients. In addition to the video, consider having in-person samples, demos, or photographs to show interested clients. If possible, provide some sort of takeaway items such as pens or brochures. Humans are visual and tactile creatures, so an action or takeaway item that seems small to you may make a big difference for your business.

  1. Entertains and Informs

A well-designed trade show video will leave potential clients with a positive impression and something concrete to think about as they walk away. Think of it as a highlight reel for your business, infused with your own tone and style. In addition to enhancing your trade show booth, you can use video production services to for a variety of other purposes. Consider filming your exhibit and using that footage for marketing and advertising, in your portfolio, or as a website supplement.

Our Orlando Video Production Company, NG Production Films, is fully equipped to create a polished, professional trade show video loop for your next exhibit or conference booth. We also offer a range of corporate and conference video production packages to handle all of your film production and video marketing needs. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call NG Production Films at 877-203-2895 or simply fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.