Retail is a booming industry, which is one of the biggest in terms of both revenue and marketing efforts.

Just last year, retail sales hit a record $6 trillion. As one can imagine, that number requires a lot of promotional prowess to reach.

When it comes to Orlando video production, what are the best tips for success in retail?

5 Helpful Retail Video Tips to Try

No matter what type of retail store it is, how much merchandise it carries, or how it compares to the competition, these video tips can help with the store’s video marketing.

1.    Focus on Departments When Possible

A good retail marketing video will usually see the camera panning across the store’s various departments. This paints the location as a one-stop-shop and allows people to catch a glimpse of all the store offers. If the store doesn’t have multiple departments, try showing as much product variety as possible unless the video is focused on only one product.

2.    Display the Inside and Outside

A user should feel comfortable in the store – even when they’re just in the parking lot. Any videos that show off the store should display both the interior and exterior. By showing both, people feel more familiar with the location. This approach also adds more variety to the video and may make the user feel as if they’re completing the journey themselves.

3.    Demonstrate the Differentiating Factors

Since retail is so popular, it’s undeniable that a store will have some competition. However, if the competition isn’t in the same town, it will almost always be within the same region. If the store has any exclusive products, big brands, or special guarantees, show these off – they can help set the location apart from competitors.

4.    Introduce the Team

Retail associates are as big a part of a shopper’s experience as anything at the store. A video is a great time to show off the team. Even without formal introductions, just seeing glimpses of them in their natural state can make the video (and store) feel more welcoming.

5.    Provide an Incentive

If a person watches a video and finds out about a store’s offerings, they’ve received information about the company. However, the video is also a great place to help them receive something extra – like a discount or special offer. This can be a great way to encourage them to follow through on actually coming to the store.

Make Retail Videos Better with Orlando Video Production Pros

The retail industry is a complex one, and video marketing is a perfect tool to reach customers. Bring in a professional Orlando video production company to help make better videos that reach shoppers more effectively.

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