They say first impressions are everything. The digital age has reinforced this adage, proving the most important part of a piece of content is usually the opening.

Sure, the body and bulk of the content must be worth it for the person reading or viewing it. The call-to-action is also significant in its own way. However, the intro is important for a different reason because it determines whether a person will stick around.

Since most people have an eight-second attention span, the first few lines of a video will either hook them or see them slip away.

Strategies for a Good Video Production Intro

Looking to create an intro that will keep users wanting to hear more? Here are five ideas to consider for opening up a video the right way.

1.    Focus on Relatability

People like content that relates to them. Is the topic something relevant to their interest? Or, even better, to their needs? Does the content speak to them about something they’ve experienced personally, or have a vested interest in? Keeping content personal in the introduction has a great chance of catching a viewer’s interest early.

2.    Open with a Pain Point

Speaking of relatability, one way to achieve it is to focus on pain points. Open the video with a problem, question, or struggle that audience members may know about. This humanizes the video as it shows empathy, and it also makes the watcher curious as to whether the video will offer a solution.

3.    Play Off the Title

The title of a video can help hook someone as well, so why not use the two together? Ask a question in the title, then open up with the answer or a version of it. Expand on the question, promising to delve into the specifics in the later part of the video.

4.    Play Off the Thumbnail

A great thumbnail is another way to get people interested. If there’s an interesting visual or scene shown, open up with it at the beginning of the video. It shows the viewer they’re getting what they expected, and thus makes the video feel more honest.

5.    Express Authority Through Credentials

People like watching videos made by experts. When a video starts, make sure the watcher knows they’re listening to someone who can convey good information. Talk about education, experience, and other factors that make the video feel more authoritative.

Improve Videos with the Help of Experts

From the intro all the way to the CTA, any video can be improved with expert assistance. A skilled Orlando video production company can help anyone get the most out of their video and keep users interested all the way through.

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