As businesses grow, they experience challenges.

These challenges aren’t necessarily bad or adversarial. They’re more like opportunities for the business owner to show their creativity in overcoming them and accomplishing objectives for organizational growth.

Here are some challenges they may face, and how Orlando video production can help.

Five Challenges for Growing Businesses – and How Video Production Helps

At any business that’s expanding, there are several tasks that must be handled to allow for growth. Here are some of the main ones, and how video advertising can be a solution.

1. Expanding the Team

With more customers often comes a need for more employees. When job boards just don’t cut it, consider using videos to show prospective applicants the company culture. This can make people excited about applying and attract qualified candidates who can empower the organization. Remember, nearly three-quarters of job seekers are passive. This means they’re already employed and just waiting to find something else (read: see something else) that interests them.

2. Attracting Investors

Expansion requires funds, and these don’t always come solely from sales revenue. Sometimes, the money for growth is sourced from investors, who need to be wowed before they’ll agree to come on board. A video can help show investors what the company offers and illustrate its potential to the point they’ll be willing to back it financially.

3. Standing Out

There are many small businesses out there, but only the ones that set themselves apart can grow. Developing a competitive advantage is about learning what the company does better than competitors. Orlando video production can be thought of as an artful way for a company to develop its brand personality and find what factors the audience responds to – those are the factors that will set it apart.

4. Going Digital

While it’s easy to assume every business has a website, less than two-thirds of small businesses do. When creating a website, don’t forget to promote it via videos on social media, emails, or even in TV commercials. This helps generate traffic, which can get people looking over the company’s catalog and even reaching out.

5. Opening a New Location

As small businesses grow, they sometimes branch out into a second physical location. If customers in the new area are not familiar with the brand, catch them up to speed with the help of video advertising. Like promoting a website, it can be done via email, social media, or TV commercials.

Grow a Small Business with Orlando Video Production

When a small business is ready to grow, video advertising can be the solution. With the help of a skilled video expert, anyone can create the content they need to expand.

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