There’s a lot to love about the end of the year, especially the holidays.

In some ways, they’re like a reward after a long year – particularly one as long as 2020.

Even as the pandemic eases, health and safety are still top priorities. Many people wonder how they can manage to celebrate all the upcoming holidays while maintaining proper social distancing guidelines.

By taking smart steps, it’s possible to stay safe. And by using video, everyone can get in on some form of a holiday celebration no matter where they are.

Here’s how to use videos to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

Show Off the Spooky Scenery or Give a Treat

Holidays like Halloween or Día de los Muertos are known for their distinct imagery. Masks and décor are part of the fun, and these visuals translate well into videos.

Ideas include showing off office or neighborhood decorations or encouraging others to do the same. The same can also be done with costumes, especially for kids who may look forward to these times of the year.

Speaking of kids, many parents and guardians are looking for safe trick-or-treat ideas. Videos can be used to give “treats”– like promoting distance-based trick-or-treat options, such as trunk or treat. They can even be used for “tricks” – such as a simple fun jump scare to create the holiday mood.

Make a Thankfulness Video and Ask for Engagement

Thanksgiving has traditionally been about sitting around the table with loved ones – about 96% of people keep up the tradition. If that’s a little too dangerous at the moment, try creating a video that encapsulates the spirit of the event: gratitude.

Being grateful for what we have is scientifically proven to offer health benefits. Organizations can create compilation videos where all their members say what they’re thankful for – then ask others to contribute in the comments.

Better yet, organizations can ask their customers to send in video clips ahead of time so they can be included. Luckily, Thanksgiving is far enough away that video marketers can plan ahead.

Celebrate One (or All) of the Winter Holidays in Style

Winter is home to a long list of wonderful holidays, each with its story, traditions, and imagery.

Each holiday has enough imagery that it can make for a fine celebration video. Consider showing a lit menorah or kinara, a roaring Winter Solstice bonfire, or a perfectly trimmed Christmas tree. All these can bring back happy memories for those who can’t celebrate the holidays with their family in person.

Try showing off multiple holidays in a single video, allowing viewers to share in one another’s traditions – both to show what unites us and what makes us special.

Make Holiday Videos Special with Orlando Video Production

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More than four in five organizations use video as a marketing tool. A skilled Orlando video production company can help with all aspects of video production and help anyone celebrate the holidays safely and in style.

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