7 Must-Have Tips for Hiring a Video Production Team

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Are you in charge of your company’s next Orlando video production? Aside from handling the story, script, actors, and location, you need to ensure you hire the right camera crew and production team for your business. Here are seven must-have tips to help you narrow down your options:


  1. Know Your Goals

Before you can hire a production team to collaborate with your company, you must be able to articulate what you need. What is the end goal for your production? Are you training employees, increasing business traffic, educating your viewers, or promoting a particular service or sale? Knowing your goals and audience will help you create a cohesive and focused production. It will also help you find the right video production team to collaborate with. Ideally, you should look for a dedicated team who understands your niche market and potential clients. One way to see if a production company is the best fit for your business is with our next tip.


  1. Use Portfolios to Establish Credibility

A video production company’s portfolio provides credentials through their visible experience. They should be able to show you a range of work from previous clients, including multiple types of productions. Different styles and types of videos help show a production team’s full range of ability, whether showcased in a commercial, music video, corporate production or another film project. As you peruse their available samples, you should also ask how much experience the team has in handling productions similar to yours, such as a trade show or branding video. You could also ask about their experience working on projects with a similar budget or creative specifications.


  1. Understand That Experience Matters

Speaking of experience, the company you hire should be experts in the field. Plenty of individuals own video cameras, but this alone does not qualify them to run your production. Students or a friend with a camera may seem like a good solution, but they ultimately may be unable to deliver the professional-looking results you want. As you explore a production team’s website or meet for your initial consultation, look for signs that they have the experience your production needs. Does the team know how to tell a story, organize a film shoot, and navigate the marketing side of the business? Established, credible video production teams have the necessary, relevant experience in script writing, branding, filming, and editing to make your production a success.


  1. Be Candid about Your Budget

Many people were raised to feel that talking about money is personal and uncomfortable. In the case of your video production, however, be prepared to discuss your budget up-front. Being bold and decisive about your budget, however, will save you a lot of time and backtracking. Both you and your potential production company will be able to discuss ideas and specifics within your price range from the very beginning.


To discuss budgeting from another angle, consider who and what you are willing to pay for. Hiring for a production team rather than a freelance videographer may cost more, but that is because video productions include much more than handling a camera and microphone. Your production team should be fully collaborative and supportive throughout the entire process, with attention to detail and complete immersion in the project. Hiring a production team means having an experienced crew on hand at all times, whether you need help with an idea’s conception or coming up with a marketing strategy for a finished product.


  1. Prepare a Brief

Before you meet with any video production company in person, take the ideas listed above and create your video production brief. It should include:

  • What the video is for
  • Where it will be shown or hosted (television, Internet sites, internal company use)
  • How long it will be
  • Your budget
  • Any creative specifications or restrictions

Once your brief is prepared, you are ready to meet with a production company. This is your chance to see how the company operates and to determine if they are a good fit for your business. It will also allow the production team to offer ideas and suggestions based on your project’s specific vision and objectives.


  1. Consider Compatibility

During your consultation, examine how well you get along with your potential new production team. Will collaborating on ideas throughout the shoot be cooperative or a challenge? A good agency should inspire you to think about things in new ways, while understanding and adapting to your specific needs.


Another way to look at compatibility is how relatable a production company is for your business and clients. Does the agency understand how to attract and connect with your target audience? Do they know how to navigate online marketing and the media buying process? Establishing these types of compatibility is essential to hiring the right Orlando video production team for your business.


  1. Evaluate Their Resources

A professional video agency should have the necessary resources to support your film project through all stages of production. Important tools include high-quality, up-to-date audio and visual equipment, but you should examine the company’s other capabilities as well. Has the agency been reliable and accountable during all preliminary interactions? Can the production team deliver projects on time and on budget? Finally, do you feel comfortable with their ability to include the unique elements and qualities you want for your production?


You should feel confident in your team’s abilities to deliver everything from brainstorming and storyboarding to filming and post-production editing. A good agency will not stop there, however, if you need help marketing your video on television or online. This marketing advice is essential to producing a successful video production. Choose an agency whose advice you can rely on, in the moment as well as for fresh content ideas andsuggestions concerning future projects.


Our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films, has all the qualities you want in a professional agency. We will support your film project from beginning to end and beyond with the help of experienced crews, top-of-the-line equipment, and superior marketing advice.Call us today at 877-203-2895 for a free consultation or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.