The new year is a time for new starts, fresh focus, and renewed vigor.

Though some may call it just another day, there’s something symbolic about this time. For video marketers, it’s a chance to reach levels of success that exceed the previous year’s.

Even marketers who have been using video for years can make 2020 the best one yet.

Start with New Goals (and High Ones)

The first step to achieving anything great is to aim for it. A person has to believe they’re capable of reaching the level of success they aspire to.

For video marketers, this means digging deep into those metrics and committing to driving them upwards. Common ones to consider in Orlando video production are view count, retention, and click-through rates.

It’s also important to analyze how conversion rates are impacted by videos, as well as how users engage with them through social sharing as well as giving feedback. Good goals include aiming for a certain number of views, or better yet, a certain percentage of conversions per amount of views.

Remember, conversions can translate to sales. Retailers found using videos boosted conversions by 9%, which may not sound like a huge amount, but factoring in nine purchases for every hundred views adds up to a lot of sales.

Mix the Old with the New

While the new year is intertwined with freshness, there’s nothing wrong with keeping old habits that have been successful. It can be effective to take those old habits and mix them with fresh ideas to see what could be 2020’s new view magnet.

For example, a company may have had success with short, slideshow-style videos popular on social platforms. Try spicing one up with recording a person giving the call-to-action and see if it impacts click-throughs.

Another idea could be to take popular topics and choose different formats. Say a car company has had success with videos showcasing their inventory of classic parts. Consider having an expert come on to be interviewed about classics.

How to Reach Orlando Video Production Goals Quicker

The best way to experiment with new content, see what works, and obtain those metric goals is to get consistent. Video output should be streamlined. Creators need to put out weekly content across all channels and get their audience used to seeing videos in the mix.

It’s much easier to do this by outsourcing Orlando video production work to a third party. While the organization itself can come up with ideas, formats, and goals, the video experts can help bring it all together.

As the video quality improves, so does the quantity of uploads rises. It also gives the company time to focus on their other tasks rather than investing a ton of time into editing.

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