Creating an Orlando video production project is like putting together a puzzle – every piece is critical to the finished product.

While some companies have all the resources and personnel in place to handle most of the tasks alone, many outsource some of the project’s most important parts.

What are those tasks? Let’s take a look at an outsourcing guide of fundamental video project elements.

What to Look for When Outsourcing Video Production Tasks

From the preliminary planning phase all the way through promoting the finished product, here’s a list of the key tasks associated with video marketing – and what to look for when outsourcing each.

1.    Scripting

For those who don’t have a way with words, at least in the written form, scripting is much easier when hiring a copywriter. However, not every copywriter may be proficient with video scripts. While over half of marketers say blogging is their top inbound priority, scripts need to be written to match scenes and imagery.

2.    Storyboarding

For help translating scenes and imagery ideas to a usable form, hire a graphic artist. Whether they’re doing rough sketches or prototype animations, they can provide a storyboard to help with the scripting and other preliminary planning processes. Keep the artist’s number nearby in case the video needs a thumbnail later.

3.    Budgeting

While copywriters and artists do cost money, they provide the foundational information a creator really needs to see how much their project will cost. Consider enlisting the help of a finance expert, preferably with experience in project budgeting, to calculate the costs of recording, editing, and promotion.

4.    Recording

Recording is a complex process that may require outsourcing for multiple tasks. In addition to camera operators, creators may need narrators and actors, as well as someone to plan out the renting of areas required for recording.

5.    Editing

Even if a person is skilled at video recording, it doesn’t mean they’re an experienced editor. Find someone who specializes in video production. They’ll know the fundamentals of how to make scenes flow together, how to optimize audio, and how to add that final coat of polish that really makes the video look professional.

6.    Promotion

This one depends on the type of promotion the video will need. Whether it’s circulated via email, on social media, or both, hire a marketer who demonstrates proficiency on the channel of choice.

Make Video Production Outsourcing Easy

For someone who needs help with many aspects of Orlando video production, it may seem a bit cumbersome to do everything separately. It’s much easier to enlist the help of a holistic resource that’s skilled with video production as a whole.

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