Is Group Brainstorming a Bad Idea for Video Productions?

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Group brainstorming has been in practice for decades, but some recent news stories have seen a dark side: that it may not be the best way to generate creativity. However, brainstorming is an essential part of developing an Orlando video production, so there must be other solutions. Keep scrolling to see if group brainstorming is right for your business, and to learn several ways to brainstorm for the best results:

The Concept Behind Brainstorming

Long heralded as the way to produce ideas, group brainstorming is still in use in classrooms and businesses across the globe. The goal of group brainstorming is to generate many ideas, and then prioritize, combine, and refine those ideas. Doing so requires inspiration, cooperation, and strong thinking skills from all participants, as well as an energetic, inspired atmosphere that sparks group creativity.


Downsides of Brainstorming in Groups

The potential hazards of group brainstorming include:

  • Time-consuming meetings
  • Employees arguing or being defensive
  • Rigid or pressurized environment
  • Diminished quality of ideas
  • Ideas moving too far in a (perceived) wrong direction


All of these downsides, however, are most often the result of the pre-established atmosphere, and not the fault of the participants. Ideally, your group brainstorming session needs to be organized, focused, and open-minded.


Perhaps the biggest downside that occurs in nearly all group brainstorming sessions, however, is that you are likely to receive fewer ideas per person. To combat this, and to keep certain personnel from figuratively stepping on others’ toes, consider having everyone write down and submit ideas before discussing them verbally. Depending on your employees, group brainstorming may be a great fit for your company, resulting in a productive, meaningful session. However, the best solution to generate ideas for your next Orlando video production may be to encourage brainstorming alone before calling a group session.


How to Brainstorm for the Best Results

Instead of trying to come up with ideas in a large group first, consider brainstorming individually or in pairs. You can come together in larger groups later to present those ideas, especially depending on how your business or group operates. For example, Pixar Animation Studios is famous for its collaborative environment. Individuals assigned to a particular film project work steadily on their own, but the office regularly organizes large feedback sessions where anyone can give feedback.


The most important thing to remember while trying to come up with new ideas is not to criticize yourself or others. All ideas should be welcome in the earliest planning stages, although you can gently direct or corral them as needed. Keep in mind that there are different stages of brainstorming, such as creating ideas from nothing versus filtering, defining, and choosing ideas later. To boost your individual brainstorming sessions, try the following ideas:


Free Writing

Stream-of-consciousness writing can be extremely freeing, resulting in an abundance of ideas in a short amount of time. Try to set a goal, such as to fill a page or to write for 15 minutes, and then simply write what comes to mind. You can start by choosing a business term or production scenario, then filling in ideas either in sentences or short bullet points.


During the free writing process, do not try to edit the ideas or allow any self-criticism or self-consciousness to impact your writing. Then, work through any excess material to find the hidden “gems” or concepts, focusing on the message of the production and the different ways you can present it. If free writing seems to work well for you, try creating different lists based on a single term or idea to expand its possibilities.


Change Perspectives

This type of brainstorming involves examining your company and your production from different angles. Take a simple idea or basic company term and try to describe, associate, and compare the viewpoint in different ways. Imagine how each concept could play out on a screen. Topics to consider for your production include:

  • Products or services
  • Customer questions (solve a problem)
  • Company business plan or sales goal
  • Employee strengths or customer service skills
  • Seasonal sales or consumer needs


Idea Mapping

Visual learners may respond especially well to this type of brainstorming, because you can literally see connections by mapping, charting, or clustering your ideas. Choose one topic to start, and write down related terms or concepts. Idea mapping works well for conceptual goals, such as the company’s image, but it also works well for concrete questions including the production location or a description of your target audience.


Is Group Brainstorming Right for My Company?

Group brainstorming can be an extremely useful tool, especially depending on the level of collaboration between your employees. However, it may be best to brainstorm alone first, using some of the ideas mentioned above, before coming together in a group brainstorming session. This will help boost productivity and focus in your larger session, moving you closer to your production goals.


Do you still need help with brainstorming and storyboarding? Whether you want input on your ideas or are ready to discuss a production timeline, our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films. With over 15 years of filmmaking experience, we have the skills and expertise necessary to ensure your production is a success. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at 877-203-2895 or fill out our simple contact form for a prompt reply.