Videos are a unique combination of visual and auditory elements. There are some ways video makers choose to combine these elements, and captions can be one of them.

Captions can be word-for-word transcriptions, and they can be used to introduce individual topics in a video. They’re handy for reinforcing important statements, and making sure viewers take away the most important content from a video presentation.

Any business or organization in the Orlando area can benefit from using videos in their marketing – but how can they work in captions most effectively?

Defining Captions: Headings, Title Cards, & More

When most people think of captions, they think of closed captioning on their television. While it is true that some captioning is used to present a written form of a video script or dialogue, there are many more possibilities.

Sometimes a video covers multiple topics within a broader area of discussion, so individual title cards and headers can be used throughout the video to mark the beginning of these topics. They can also be great for breaking up the monotony and adding effects to a video without being too extravagant.

Captions, headers, and title cards are all relatively simple in their purpose, but they can add a lot to a video. What are the rules for adding these in?

A Go-To Guide for Captioning & Related Graphics

When it comes to adding captions and titles, it is important to make sure they match up with the audio track.

If a video’s captioning transcript isn’t the exact same as what’s being said, it’s not necessarily wrong. Orlando video production companies may take a versatile and flexible approach to their captioning.

The same goes for using title cards and graphics. Simple headers with a bit of text and a simple shape behind them can be effective in grabbing a person’s attention when a new topic is introduced, or a very important message is said.

Captions can even be used in videos where there are no spoken words. Imagine a college using them to show off the various areas of their campus to prospective students, or a company showing off the technological features of their workplace to potential new hires.

There are many different ways to utilize captions, with the main key being that they should complement the video and have an impact on the viewer.

Make Great Captioned Videos with Orlando Video Production Pros

The world of video marketing is home to plenty of techniques that can potentially increase views and engagement.

Utilizing video captioning, headers, and title cards can help any video stand out a little more and even be more memorable to the viewer. With the help of an Orlando video production expert, anyone can improve their video content.

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