Spring is here.

Even for those around Orlando, FL where there’s not much of a winter to emerge from, it’s nice to see flowers blooming again and to get motivated by the concept of “rebirth” forever intertwined with the season.

For those who run businesses that boom in spring, it’s a perfect time to invest in video advertising with Orlando video production.

3 Industries That Advertise Heavily in the Spring (and How to Do It)

Especially around the beginning of the season, video productions can make for great commercials or online advertisements to help businesses gain a boost of attention. Here are the industries that should consider investing in video ads, and how to create them.

1.    Cleaning Companies

Over 90% of Americans invest in spring cleaning. Something about this season makes it an ideal time to declutter and make a home or business sparkle.

Cleaning companies should invest in advertising to those who are eager to clean but don’t have the time to do it themselves. While the pitch focuses on convenience, the video can also touch on the skills, credentials, or past experience of the company.

Recording Tips: To really show a company’s skills, don’t just tell people – show them. Get close-ups of sparkling floors and spotless countertops. Cleaning companies are about detail, so make friends with the zoom feature when recording.

2.    Travel Agencies

Even in a place where the weather is warm year-round, spring is a great time to start planning travel arrangements.

Any agency that helps make hotel bookings, arrange transportation, or sells tickets for tourist attractions should begin promoting special deals for popular destinations at the beginning of spring. This means even those planning for summer trips can start well ahead of time.

Recording Tips: For travel agencies, they’re selling the service of helping with travel arrangements – but the real product is the destination. Use footage sweeping across bustling streets and gorgeous landscapes.

3.    Fitness Facilities

Since spring is about rebirth and reinvention, it’s a time when many people try to better their health. When they do, most turn to gyms and other health-based facilities.

Use videos to promote membership options, showcase fitness equipment, and demo any classes the establishment offers. Videos are also effective at promoting limited-time deals like membership discounts, no down-payments, etc.

Recording Tips: The best way to make a fitness facility appealing is to make it relatable. Show people in their element, and push the comfort of a community atmosphere where people of all body types can improve their health.

Start Spring Strong with Orlando Video Production

There’s nothing like a high-quality Orlando video production project to jumpstart a company’s business during the spring. Don’t go it alone – let the pros help.

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