How to Create a Blog Video for Your Website!

Before we get started on showing you the basic steps of producing your next Orlando video production blog; I will discuss the common term and why it is important to have video blogs. You have all seen video blogs at least once or many times on Youtube, Vimeo or websites. The common terminology is called “vblog” as the “v” stands for video if you are not sure what that meant. The importance of having video blogs will help engage with your potential customer or viewers with simple “how to tips” or educational pieces. There are many ways you can make a video blog. You can make them with little or no budget with just your flip camera or computer camera or as elaborate by hiring a local Orlando video production company to produce one. Below is a sample of a video blog for Craftsman Tools on their new product from a trade show in Orlando, FL.

Craftsman Tools® Product Launch Trade Show from NG Production Films on Vimeo.

Okay, so now that the basics are out of the way, you will need to know how to create them.

1) Think of a series of topics that relate to your business. For example: If you are a Lawn Maintenance company, then come up with quick tips on how to keep your lawn in shape.

2) Now that you have your topics in mind, remember you are the professional, so this should be easy. Get a camera or have a friend/colleague record you. If you have lights and audio, it is recommended. If not, it’s okay, just speak nice a loud and give a 1-2 minutes educational, promotional or “how to tips”. Editing is not necessary, but if you have IMovie or a simple easy to use editing software and want to splice up the bad parts or add music, it is preferred. Remember, do not use copyrighted music.

3) Once you complete your video blog, now it’s time to post it on the web. You have multiple channel outlets to upload to. Here are a few: YouTube (Most Popular), Vimeo, Daily Motion and so much more. Be sure to embed it on your website and social media.

4) Don’t forget to use titles and a description that is relative to your video on your upload, because this will help your video be reached by more people on the web when they search.

5) Enjoy and see the feedback you get!

Making video blogs are easy and very informative for your potential clients/customers. If you need a more compelling video blog or just want to hire an Orlando Video Production Company, then NG Production Films can help you. We help collaborate with you and your ideas, turn them into life by producing and then help you connect with your audience. With our latest state of the gear and crew, NG Production Films can most definitely help assist you on your next video blogs. Contact us today by calling 877-203-2895 for a free no obligation consultation.