Delivering a Message with a PSA

Message delivery has many different forms and purposes.  It can be to sell a product, to advertise a new blockbuster movie, or even tell you your shoes have been out of style for the past decade.  A public service announcement (PSA) takes a very unique approach-its purpose is to change public interest.  This may mean bring something to public attention, altering public perception about a pressing issue, or even being a stimulating and encouraging TV or radio spot that inspires community action.

Historically, we’ve seen public service announcements about obesity, compulsive gambling, environmental issues, crime with youth, and a number of charitable organizations.  A creative video production company will have the ability to capture the emotion and evident importance of a desired issue.  Being able to present an issue in a dynamic and urgent manner has a higher probability of changing the hearts and minds of those that see it.  Social issues are often found in mediums such as public debates, picketing, protests, online forums, and college classrooms.  PSAs have proven to be quite powerful when displayed with media, and airtime is donated.  All you need is a great Orlando Video Production company to work on it!

When it’s time to create your PSA, consider the following:

  • What kind of people are you attempting to target in your message?  This will ultimately determine what media outlets you’re going for.
  • Once you determine what outlets are best, know which ones are available in your geographic area.
  • Select your wording carefully.  The message content has to be concise to increase the chances of it being heard.  Your air time is also going to be short.
  • You need a hook-Use a strong statistic, or a fact that is interesting enough to keep people listening.

At NG Production Films, we can work with you to produce an effective PSA, and then execute it.  We are a professional Orlando video production company that has worked in nearly every industry.  Meet with us for a consultation, we’d love to hear about your cause.  Call us today at 877-203-2895.