Many companies are curious about the right place to implement video into their marketing.

For those that have active social profiles, look no further – while it may not be the only spot, social feeds are perfect for video marketing.

Anyone who has completed a video production project may be excited to put it out there. However, it is crucial to understand the right approach to take.

The Right Strategy to Promote Videos on Social Media

In addition to being the type of content viewers prefer on social media, video marketing is used by nearly 90% of professionals.

The first best practice to promoting a video on Orlando video production actually starts before logging into the profile. A marketer must be proud of the project they’re putting out.

While every video should be polished and prepared as best as possible, this is especially important for videos promoted on social profiles. Make sure everything from the audio leveling to the call to action is set to ideal specifications.

Social media video marketing should also be consistent. While a one-off video is fine, they’re much more effective when the audience is looking forward to them. This can be based on post frequency. If a profile has five posts per week, for example, try to make at least one of them a video.

Common Social Media Video Marketing Mistakes

One of the biggest pitfalls a marketer can fall into is overpromising. When coupled with underdelivering in the context of video marketing or social media marketing, this is known as clickbait.

Always make sure a video offers what it says. It’s better to avoid promotional language even for product or sales-based videos. For example, say a product “could” improve a person’s life rather than it “will.” Confidence is good, but let the customer make that decision.

Another common mistake is posting too many long videos in succession. The average user appreciates brevity in content, especially when it’s visual and auditory in nature. Mix in short videos (under a minute) with longer ones, keeping the ration at about 5:1 if possible.

Creating Higher Quality Orlando Video Production Projects

When videos are promoted via social media marketing, it’s likely more people will find them. This is a positive result – provided the video is something the brand can be proud of.

When creating videos for social media, it helps to bring in a professional Orlando video production company. With their help, it’s much easier to create video production projects that look polished and keep the audience engaged. Post content the audience will love, and the company feels confident in.

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