Ensuring the Success of Your Infomercial

Like it or not, we all seem to have certain memories of infomercials (both good and bad). Which popular ones stick out in your memory? What comes to mind when you recall those ads? Whether corny, insightful, or even profound, infomercials have an active place in advertising. When done right by an Orlando video production company, they have the ability to really strike a chord with viewers and create lasting perceptions pertaining to brand and product recognition. The following are some important facts to keep in mind when planning your next infomercial:

  • Believe it or not, infomercials are still popular. Moreover, the industry is growing, and is expected to rake in an excess of $252 million within the next two to three years.

  • In order for success, you must ask yourself:  “What elements do I need to use to make this video effective?”  The marketing has to be just as unique as the products themselves.

  • The infomercial must have high-quality audio and video. Why? People are more likely to buy products from an infomercial if the infomercial looks professional and high quality. It also shows that the product itself is high quality.

  • Your actors need to be convincing; they must engage the audience enough to motivate viewers to purchase the product.

  • You will need to make sure you buy enough airtime when you run your infomercial/advertisement. A media buying agent can help you choose the time of day and the channels that will be the most beneficial to your success.

  • Contact a professional Orlando video production company to help you create the perfect call to action and to ensure a high level of cohesiveness throughout the production.

So next time you’re debating how to best reach your clients or consumer audience, consider using the medium of video/infomercials (where it is easy to have a captive audience).

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