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Contrary to popular belief, spring cleaning can occur any time of the year, and new resolutions do not have to be made in January. For your business, this means that there is not excuse to put off a website update or review your current marketing strategies. Although many business owners are comfortable having an online presence, they may not have made changes to accommodate Google SEO rankings and the changing web habits of consumers. Updating your online presence includes examining all video marketing content, including commercials, social media videos, and website-based “about us” or product demonstration videos. Here are several reasons to plan an Orlando corporate video production and update content:


Update Aesthetics


When the Internet first launched, many business pages were saturated with color, pictures, and textual information. Today’s more sleek designs are not only more attractive and professional, but they make it easier for consumers to find the content they need. Instead of having several pages full of text, consider replacing some of the paragraphs with a short video explanation. You can still use bullet points to highlight key qualities, but having video online gives users a way to engage with your website and brand. Plus, adding visual information can help make the content more memorable. Consider creating a few quick, easy-to-understand tutorials and product demonstrations so consumers know your website is a destination for trustworthy content.


Stay Relevant within Your Target Market


Today’s young adults are different from the young adults of 10 or 20 years ago. Although they have things in common, the way they engage with businesses has changed. To reach your ideal market and target audience, you must be willing to adapt your video content to new faces. For example, adapting to today’s younger demographic could mean adding catchy background music or telling a humorous story. For other markets, you may want to include informative captions or include actors from a wider demographic.


Include On-the-Go Content for Mobile Users


How many of your friends, family members, or co-workers have smartphones, tablets, or other portable devices? Consumers are increasingly searching and shopping on the go, and your business should be prepared to tap into this mobile market. Making your website mobile-friendly is the first step, but you should also create a video content with mobile users in mind. If you want to have a strong social media presence, for example, consider curating a few short videos specifically for use on Facebook, Instagram, or even Vine. These platforms make it easy for consumers to watch, comment on, and share interesting content whether they are on a desktop or a more portable device.


If you are ready to update your video marketing content, our Orlando corporate video production company is here to help. NG Production Films is a leader in the area, and our staff has over 15 years of filmmaking experience crafting everything from commercials and web content to recording music videos and corporate events.  For a free consultation, fill out our simple online contact form or call (877) 203-2895 today.