No matter what holiday(s) a person celebrates at the end of the year, the giving theme fits.

A gift doesn’t always have to be something purchased, wrapped up, and topped with a bow. Video production can be the perfect tool to give joy to others this holiday season.

Here are a few ideas on creating fun and engaging videos that are holiday neutral to inspire a sense of warmth that will cut through the winter chill and give viewers a reason to click “like” or “replay.”

Give Thanks with a Personalized Video of a Customer’s Journey

Customers can experience modern brands across a vast array of channels, in a journey that is different for everyone.

As a customer’s journey unfolds, brands begin to learn more about them, tying customer journeys to personalization.

One way to show a customer how much they matter is to make a video of their journey. Examples include a simple slideshow-style video covering the date they came aboard, where they first connected, and how much engagement they’ve had with the brand.

Don’t forget to cap off with a big thanks to the customer and a wish for another year together.   

Give Special Discounts for Customers or Their Loved Ones

Discounts and special promotions are scientifically proven to work – specifically, they build a positive brand image, discourage cart abandonment, and drive overall revenue.

The end of the year is a perfect time to gift someone a discount, and a video can be the best way to deliver. Create an impressive visual that thanks the viewer, and then end with a CTA on claiming their voucher.

Even though a digital code can’t be wrapped, the video can have a holiday spin using simple effects like borders and backing tracks.

Since this is a season where people want to give to others, it can also be a perfect time to encourage referral bonuses and gift coupons customers can provide to their loved ones.

Give the Gift of Knowledge with Holiday Insights or Trivia

Finally, the holiday season is a perfect time to explore, well, the holidays – because there are lots of them.

The classic “Did You Know” video can give a brief background about any given winter or late-year holiday.

Since these videos are so easy to create, it’s nice to make a variety, so audiences get a broad and diverse perspective about the histories and traditions behind the various celebrations worldwide.

Want to mix it up? Make a trivia video, asking questions about holidays with the answer at the end – just be sure to ask for no spoilers because some people look at comments before they watch.

Make Any Gift Better with Orlando Video Production Pros

The holiday season is a time for joy and giving.

No matter what type of holiday video a company is creating, they can give it a better chance to succeed with the help of an Orlando video production company.

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