With the holidays around the corner, fitness is becoming a priority again.

Some people are preparing to see loved ones, while others are simply getting a head start against that dreaded winter weight gain.

It’s been a tricky year for the fitness industry, and many gyms are looking to revamp their video marketing efforts to increase business. It’s a proven tool for social media as well as emails, landing pages, and more.

The big question is, how can gyms launch fall marketing campaigns with Orlando video production?

Promote Membership Discounts or Schedules

One of the best ways to get new members is to promote a gym in professionally crafted videos. Videos are set to bring about 13% of web traffic by next year.

But gym-goers are usually aiming to shed pounds, not dollars. While using videos to promote the facility, mix in some promotion of membership discounts available for the fall.

Reduced costs, free trials, complementary gear with sign-ups – it’s all effective at convincing those skeptical prospective members to make the commitment.

Incentives can also convince lapsed members to return after an absence to shed their quarantine fifteen.

Use Customer Testimonials to Promote a Group Atmosphere

One reason that some people may be hesitant to stop by the gym, either again or for the first time, is anxiety.

The idea of working out in front of others can be very intimidating, impacting about half of the population. Some people worry they’ll drop a weight on themselves or trip on the treadmill, which could put them off from the gym altogether.

Video testimonials can be a perfect solution for promoting an inclusive atmosphere. Members can talk about what they like about the gym, including:

  • Hours: Flexible hours help people with busy schedules and let privacy-focused members pick low-traffic hours to work out.
  • Equipment: From barbell benches with safety latches to treadmills with handles, showing off how equipment is made for convenience and comfort can help convince skeptical individuals.
  • Culture: Taking a stand against bullying, intimidation, and body shaming outright is one of the best things a gym can do. It shows members that management is committed to helping everyone grow and get healthier together – mentally and physically.

To get users involved submitting testimonials, consider asking for feedback on specific topics, or throw a contest to reward the most engaging submissions.

Demonstrate Cleanliness and Promote Home Workouts

Gyms that are using advanced cleaning procedures can show them off in an Orlando video production project. Also, don’t forget that for a lot of people, quarantine is still a factor.

Even if a video marketing campaign is targeted at increasing gym memberships, it’s wise to mix in some home workouts.

While some may say this takes away from business, it actually shows gyms put people before profits – and care for their fitness families even if they can’t be together at the moment.

Let Orlando Video Production Pros Help with Heavy Lifting

They may not be able to spot a person while they press 200 pounds, but a skilled Orlando video production company can help with fall fitness campaigns.

Call on these video marketing experts to prepare for a strong year end today.

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