How and Where to Use Text in Your Next Video Production

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Great use of text can support your video visuals while helping to deliver a clear, concise message. Take the next few minutes to give more thought to the inclusion of text in your upcoming project, whether it is a commercial, promotional clip, corporate video, or another type of production. This post offers an in-depth exploration of how and where you can use text in your next Orlando video production:


Choose Your Words Wisely

The amount of text you use in your production will depend on how long your video slot is and how informative you would like your production to be. The number of words you might need to include also depends on your type of project, such as a trade show video or a 30-second Internet spot ad.


Imagine that you are producing a commercial with real estate listings. The audience most wants to see pictures of the property followed by basic information such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. If you give the supplementary information as a voiceover, viewers may not have time to process the details or write them down. By including text of only the essentials on screen, you will be successful supporting your visuals with your text.


Now, imagine that you are filming a commercial for a dentist’s office or daycare. The film might contain customer interactions, a look at the facilities, and employees talking. In this case, you might only want to add text at the beginning and at the end of the commercial so as to not detract from the visual information throughout.


Car commercials, as another example, are notorious for stuffing the final screen with all the “terms and conditions” text, but you should avoid this if possible. In general, do not use too many words per screen or per video, and make sure the text is on screen long enough so as to be intelligible to the audience. Finally, avoid the feeling of stilted or artificial words by using natural, everyday language.


Text Overlays

The examples given above primarily include traditional text overlays, such as professional titles or captions. You can use text to introduce new sections of your video or to list product specifications on screen. Remember that this is a visual media and not a print one, so only the essentials are necessary. Only use text to support the video, and then direct viewers to your website or location for additional information.


Professional Text Animation

Do you remember your first experience using PowerPoint, with the joy of discovering that you could have text twirl, bounce, or swoop into place? “Text on the move” is a popular visual trick to keep a viewer’s eyes on the screen, but too much whizzing about can backfire. Focus instead on the words and the content, or, in other words, let your titles reflect your overall aesthetic. If appropriate, you could have text glide across the screen or include a gentle fade-in and fade-out. Since your production is a moving picture, keep in mind that simply dropping the text into a frame could produce a jarring effect.


Other Graphics

Your company’s logo and stylized slogan are part of your overall brand, and they play a big role in your marketing package. Including them in your production will help you create videos with a clear, consistent message. You can include other graphics to reinforce your mood or message, such as relatives of the fleur de lis, but keep them abstract enough so that they do not detract from your main visuals. If you want to incorporate still photographs, considering softening the edges or overall contrast so that they fit seamlessly into your scheme.


Call to Action Text

The end of your production is your chance to get the audience moving. Clearly communicate your message throughout the video, and then give viewers an easy way to get in contact. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to list everything from your LinkedIn page to your Twitter account. Instead, choose a few main contact points (phone number, website, Facebook; phone number, website, address) and leave it at that. You should also include a brief recap as to why your audience should contact you, whether it is your low prices, superior service, seasonal sale, or convenient locations.


Matching the Mood

The text you use should enhance your production by reinforcing the overall message of what is happening on the screen. Problems occur when either the text clashes with or overshadows the visuals, or when the visuals overwhelm the text. Consider the aesthetics, character, and the atmosphere of your video, whether it is a corporate production or a small business commercial. Use typography and color wisely, with reference to your existing visual information and your business’s overall brand.


Takeaway Tips

Before we close, here are several additional tips for adding text to your Orlando video production. Remember that busy background scan compete with your text and vice versa. Choose a typeface based on its legibility across multiple sizes of screens, and avoid off-putting color combinations. Some professionally made typefaces must be licensed for use, but others are royalty-free. Before settling on one, consider what it says about your production, such as professional, youthful, stylish, et cetera.


The typeface you choose can also reflect your industry, whether it is a family-friendly company, restaurant, or business-to-business corporation. Good editing will help reduce the flickering that can occur with finely detailed graphics or text edges, but you should avoid using fine lines if possible. Finally, remember that, in general, less is more. With these tips, you should be well on your way to creating a balanced production that viewers can easily comprehend and respond to.


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