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Word-for-word captions are included in the video and pop up as actors speak, just as in traditional closed captioning for television shows. There are other types of captions, such as the text used to introduce and explain a picture or video. However, using word-for-word captions in social media posts can have some particular benefits. Here is how to help entice social media users by using automatic closed captions in your next Orlando video production:


Understanding Auto-Play


Several social media platforms, including Facebook, will auto-play videos when the user’s device is connected to Wi-Fi. This means that video content begins playing as a user is scrolling through new items in the feed, whether or not they click on the video itself. Now, take a minute to imagine how often consumers scroll through their social media feeds while waiting between classes, on work breaks, and before appointments. Because of this, it is possible to gain numerous new views from consumers who pause while scrolling through their newsfeeds to watch a few seconds of a video. These viewers might not otherwise click on a business’s video, but thanks to the auto-play feature you have the chance to entice them into watching the rest.


How Captions Help


As alluded to above, including a descriptive caption with your video is one way to encourage viewers to watch to the end. Since there is no sound unless the user decides to click on and unmute the video, you cannot rely on catchy background music or a strong voiceover to draw in viewers. However, all of these tactics are useful for other productions as well as to keep your viewers further engrossed once they begin watching the video with the volume on.


Stunning visuals are one of the best ways to draw in viewers, but perhaps nothing will keep eyes glued to a screen quite like word-for-word captions. If your script is strong, viewers may do one of several things:

  • Click to watch with sound
  • Watch to the end without sound (particularly if they are in a public space)
  • Use newsfeed options to save the video for later viewing
  • Like, share, or comment on the video


What Happens if a User Keeps Scrolling?


A corporate video production may appear in a user’s newsfeed for several reasons, including if they liked your page, their friends like your page, or you have placed the video as a sponsored ad. Even if the user decides to keep scrolling, you have gained several valuable seconds of marketing. This time may not seem like much, but think particularly of the new viewers who may not have heard of your company before seeing the sponsored or suggested post. A few seconds is all you need to begin to build familiarity and brand recognition.


The next time the social media user needs your products or services, your brand name may look more familiar in their list of Google search results. In addition, the consumer may be more likely to watch more of a video or decide to click on your business page or post the next time it appears in their feed. For help designing your next production for use on social media or anywhere else, contact our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films. We can help you produce a video with a strong script and compelling visuals that can be marketed directly to your target audience. Contact us today by calling (877) 203-2895 or filling out our online contact form for a free, no-obligation consultation.