Interview video production is a powerful way to reach and engage with potential new hires. Moreover, they are actually r easy to create. An interview video doesn’t have to have a staunch look and feel. Yet, there are a few things to consider when making a dynamic video people will watch.

Benefits of Top-Notch Interview Video Production

There’s a reason journalists rely so heavily on interviews. Most people would rather hear about the moon landing from Neil Armstrong’s mouth than from someone who wasn’t there. Interview videos are ideal for getting information directly from the source. They provide unwritten personal views and knowledge from experts.

Some interview videos give access to information and people that might otherwise never come out from behind closed doors. Celebrities, public figures, CEOs, and persons of interest interviews provide this full access and insight.

Here are a few of the benefits of interview video production:

  • Interview videos are authentic
  • Interviews make for great storytelling
  • Interviews provide an inside look
  • Interview videos are easy to produce
  • Interview footage is great for repurposing

Interview videos have minimum setup requirements. A standard one-angle setup speeds up the day(s) of shooting and the entire editing process. Some people can shoot a respectable interview video with just a smart device. But cameras, tripods, and microphones are ideal.

How To Make a Great Interview Video   

Interview video production is an up-close and personal style of video. The interviewee is often a subject matter expert (SME) or someone well-known. Some producers will create these styles of videos for interviewing new candidates for positions within the company. 

However, their primary function is to hear what the subject has to say in an unscripted and authentic manner. Here are some tips for making a top-notch interview video.

1. Define Purpose   

First, producers must define the purpose of the interview video. Is the video explaining a complex topic? Is the goal to bring about brand awareness or lead movement within an industry? By narrowing down the purpose, the other decisions regarding the video’s production will be easier to make.

2. Choose the Right Interviewees  

Next, the producer must choose someone who best represents that video’s purpose. If the purpose is to educate, the subject should be an SME or industry thought leader. If brand awareness is the objective, producers will often choose a well-known spokesperson, like a celebrity that uses their products or services.

Choose someone directly involved in the project or situation. Choose someone who is well-spoken and articulate. Do not speak to third parties that can only provide hearsay accounts.  

3. Do Some Research

The interviewer must have a firm grasp of the subject matter of the interview video. They should come prepared with well-researched and intelligent questions.

4. Ask the Right Questions

Often, interviews will take an unexpected turn. The interviewer should prepare for this with predetermined questions to steer the conversation back on track. It will help guide the video and ensure that the subject shares all of the necessary or pertinent information. Here are some tips on appropriate questions to ask:

  • Avoid asking “yes” or “no” questions
  • Use warm-up questions to break the ice
  • Make sure they’re relevant 
  • Specific questions will yield specific answers. 
  • Follow up with follow-up questions

Once the interviewer asks all the questions, they should ask the interviewee if they have final thoughts. Is there anything further to add or share about the topic? These final thoughts can often become soundbites to use throughout the video.

The interviewee should begin with the easy ones and get to the more in-depth questions as the interview progresses. Brainstorming questions after doing the research is a good way to ensure that the right questions are asked and in the right order.

It may help to rephrase questions or add context if the interviewee is having trouble answering the question asked. Also, try to make the subject feel as comfortable as possible (unless the objective is to make the subject sweat).

5. Choose the Best Setting  

When filming, it’s essential to consider things like not interviewing someone against a beige wall that tends to bore audiences. Producers must also consider everything seen on location or in the background. In-house studios require set design. Add branding designs as needed.

When shooting on location, select one that authenticates the subject. For example, if a person interviews a music producer, the video should be in their studio. When it’s out of the interviewer’s control, find an outside seat or a well-lit spot.

6. Test Sound

Whether the interviewer is using a USB or lavalier mic for remote interviews, they will need to ensure that they test their sound quality. They will need some good headphones (or noise-canceling earpieces) to isolate recorded sound from any in-room or on-location sounds.

The interviewer will also need to be careful of clothing options. They do not want to hear the rustling of clothes against the mic.

7. Opt for High-Quality Editing

Summarize the good parts of the interview and create a flow from question to question. It’s okay to leave footage on the editing room floor if it doesn’t serve the primary goals or purpose of the video.

Let the creativity run wild here. Add visuals, music, and on-screen text (such as the person’s name and the bottom third of the job title) to make this interview stand out.

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