How to Write a Great Script Without Outsourcing

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Your next Orlando video production is on the horizon, the budget is set, and you have a clear goal in mind, but how do you get started on the script? Many production heads consider outsourcing scripts because they are too busy or feel they do not have a way with words. Unfortunately, this can lead to a feeling of disconnect on the production shoot and in the finished project. This post will explore your options for great script writing besides outsourcing.


The Significance of the Script

Clear visuals and clean audio are a must for any video production, but what really matters is the story. Your location, props, background music, and graphic overlays are all elements there to support your text, not overshadow it. In other words, the script delivers content, which is the ultimate audience take-away. Your production’s content, in turn, is what has the power to get consumers to call, come by, or otherwise utilize your company’s products or services.


Why You Should Avoid Outsourcing

Outsourcing seems easy, because you can equip qualified copywriters with a plethora of information about your business. Chances are, the script they produce will be well written and entirely usable. Will it, however, include the personal touches that help make your business stand out? Outsourcing distances the company from its production by leaving room for clichés, generalized terminology, and content that does not quite fit. No one knows or cares more about your business than you do, so why not write the script in-house?


Finding a Way with Words

Perhaps you feel silly whenever you try to put pen to paper, or you feel that your story’s language is stilted or old-fashioned. If you are truly uncomfortable writing your own script, you can consult with an experienced copywriter, as long as you bring the message. For additional inspiration, consider asking your customers what they like about your company, or checking with employees for their insight and opinions.


Creating Compelling Content

High-quality content must be delivered within the first few seconds, during the critical time when viewers are most likely to turn away from the television or click off of the webpage. Introduce your company clearly, but avoid overused “buzz words” that can turn off your audience. In addition, make sure that your video is meaningful and has a purpose. Are you offering a special sale? Does your business solve a problem for potential customers? What can you offer to consumers that no other company can? Considering these questions will help you create compelling content that will pique customer interest and interaction.


Keeping it Real

As you prepare the script, use words that you would normally use in everyday life. Avoid trying to sound like someone else. While working, have a group of employees do a read-through if you are worried about the perceived tone or voice of the script. In general, try to keep the dialogue light, and let it flow naturally. If you hire actors, encourage them to take their time no matter the final length of your production. If your production includes narration or a voiceover, ensure that the delivery is clear and the pace comfortable. Once the script is ready, you or your actors can start preparation for a smooth, natural on-camera presentation.


Add Visual and Aural Appeal

As we briefly mentioned above, visuals and background music are a powerful and important way to support your script. Strong aids such as these make it easier to keep your audience visually engaged as they soak in your content. Since many people are visual learners or visually oriented, sharp images and graphics can help them better retain your company’s message or information. Consider including facilities tours or product demonstrations, or use text to overlay key features or services. You can incorporate these ideas and more throughout your storyboarding process, which is how you bring together a strong script with leading visuals.


Wrap it Up

Before calling it a day on your production, make sure the video says everything you wanted to say. Clearly establish your company’s brand and role, and include a call to action for your consumers. The call to action is particularly important, because it is what motivates viewers to react to your content. Let them know how to contact you without inundating them with too much information. Keep it simple, otherwise you may find that your audience has already tuned out.


If you are still uncertain about the strength of your video script, contact our Orlando Video Production Company, NG Production Films. We can assist through every step of the process, from brainstorming and script writing to storyboarding, filming, and post-production editing. For more information and a free production consultation, fill out our online contact form or call us at 877-203-2895.