Websites remain a company’s digital gateway to new opportunities.

Websites can draw in high-potential lead volumes as they provide a means for both new and existing customers alike to interact with a brand.

With 94% of first impressions relating to the company’s website, each page must be polished. Here’s how Orlando video production projects can improve the most common website pages.

About and Services: Show the Team and What They Do

The “about” page is the go-to location for people wanting to learn about the company and its staff. With video productions, they can meet the team before stopping by.

A simple video can feature each staff member, with a caption of their role or even some dialogue from each about what they do.

Companies with a dedicated “meet the team” page can use the “about” page to show the company’s history. Use pictures of founders or even of the business itself from the past.

The “services” page is arguably the most important, showing what the business can do for the client. Videos can be used to show the services being performed, demonstrating the company’s abilities.

For services that don’t translate well to video, such as bookkeeping, a before and after format can be used. Show stats about the difference the service made, or have the client talk about the benefits.

Testimonials and Portfolio: Demonstrate Results

Speaking of having clients talk about their experience, video marketing is especially beneficial to testimonial pages.

Videos are much more personal. They make testimonials more genuine, showing the client’s satisfaction with their experience through words, tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language.

Most website design layouts for businesses feature some type of portfolio or past work section. Again, this section largely depends on the type of work a company does. Those whose skills translate to video can show them in action, using tools like time-lapse to show the final product.

When a customer can see the business’s process and the approach they take, it can make them feel more comfortable about reaching out. For those companies with a more extensive catalog of services, multiple videos can be used.

Home and Contact: Humanize the Brand and Make it Relatable

The home and contact pages could be called the beginning and end of the customer’s journey on a business website.

Home is where they go to get a genuine first impression, so it’s the perfect spot for an all-encompassing video that echoes the brand’s identity.

Whether the brand is studious and informative, trendy and hip, or trustworthy and dependable, this is the spot to convey those qualities. Consider the length, audio track, and imagery carefully to make this section perfect.

As for the contact page, try putting a video of a customer reaching out. Seeing someone else do it can make anyone more comfortable reaching out themselves.

Improve Websites with Orlando Video Production Professionals

Websites are some of the most essential marketing tools businesses have.

To make sure any videos uploaded to them are top quality, consider calling an Orlando video production company to help create something spectacular.

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