In the digital age, a business’s online location is just as important as their physical location.

And just as a company doesn’t want customers having to stumble through the mess of a building that is being renovated, they may also want to keep their site under wraps when it is being redone.

Relaunching a website can be exciting, as it gives the site a sense of newness and opens the site up to new possibilities. There are plenty of ways to make sure a site relaunch goes well, and using Orlando video production specialists can ensure the site has professional-looking video content.

Using Videos on a Relaunched Website

When a website is relaunched, prior visitors may not know exactly what to expect. The old version of the site will be fresh in their minds, so being able to make a good first impression – or first new impression – is very important.

Quality videos are helpful because they display a lot of information in an engaging way. They can get a point across quickly, and encourage a person to engage – which in this case means they’d be encouraged to continue exploring the new site.

Oftentimes on a new site, the biggest goal is to convince the viewer to stick around. If a site can get their attention quickly and get a message through with little time wasted, it can encourage them to spend a little more time seeing what else is there.

No matter what types of pages a site has, there are uses for video.

  • Home Page: Homepages can have introduction videos and videos that show navigation information for the site.
  • About/Product Pages: Show viewers information about the team or give them a personal look at products before they buy.
  • Contact: Show off a business’s physical location, or make a video request for the viewer to reach out and take the next step.

These are just a few examples of how video content can benefit a website relaunch.

Using Orlando Video Production Specialists for Better Content

Orlando camera crews and editing experts aren’t just great from a technical standpoint – they understand how to think like a viewer and convey the ideas of the video’s creator as well.

They can get the brand ideas across and convey the ambiance a site creator is looking to build. It’s important for making sure a relaunched website does better than the one that preceded it. Improving a site isn’t always about adding more pages or more content – sometimes it is about adding better content and having the said content in the right places.

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