Orlando companies need to take a customer-centric approach to their marketing. Meeting customers where they are in their interaction with a business is the key to improving their experience.

Using videos for marketing is a wise choice, but there’s also value in using the right video for the right person.

Here are some ideas on how to gear Orlando video production projects toward specific buyers based on their relationship to the company.

Using the Right Videos at the Right Times

Knowing how to describe customers by the stage, they’re in helps video producers know which type of content is most valuable to each.

1. The Interest Stage

Buyers who are in this stage are learning about an organization and what it could offer them. For buyers in this position, it is valuable to have informative videos. They could be introductions to the company, product descriptions/demos, and other presentations designed to give information to those who may be new to an organization.

2. The Action Stage

This is the point where a customer is interested enough to take some form of action – be it inquiring about a sale, considering signing up for a subscription, or any other similar type of engagement. In this stage, it is smart to use videos for descriptive purposes, telling users exactly what they’ll get out of a certain type of action.

3. The Decision Stage

When customers are at that transition point between lead and customer, they’re about to begin the decision stage. Here is where companies will break out all the proof of their product or service’s success. Consider showing video testimonials, success stories, or other positive experiences of previous customers. Here is also a good point to show any videos that demonstrate the company going farther to please their customers.

4. The Loyalty Stage

Here’s where many people give up – but just because a person has (or hasn’t) made a purchase doesn’t mean the company should consider their relationship done. To keep customers in the mix for future opportunities, keep in touch with short videos in email newsletters, or even a customized “thank you” video when time and occasion permits.

Improve Video Success with Orlando Video Production Pros

Sometimes it isn’t just about having a great video – a company needs the right type of content for the right customer at the right time.

Different people have different needs and different journeys. So when it comes to video marketing, it is only natural to view these segments as opportunities for topic direction.

Knowing how leads and customers think makes it easier to reach them. And with a skilled Orlando video production company, making content for the right person becomes much easier.

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