The new year is here and that means it’s a great time to plan for some smart marketing.

Video marketing remains one of the most important part of any marketing strategy and may even prove more vital in 2020.Any of the following fields or businesses should consider investing in Orlando video production early in the year to drive profitable engagement.

Fitness Companies: Help Make Health Resolutions Real

Many people make new year’s resolutions, and health goals dominate the list. In a new year’s resolution survey of 2000 people, The top three resolutions were healthier eating, doing more exercise, and losing weight.

Gyms are the facilities that can make these resolutions a reality. There’s almost no better way to get people to sign up for a membership then to show them the facility. Seeing the selection of equipment and the trainers in action can make people more inclined to get involved.

Videos are action-oriented marketing. It’s much better than a still image post or an email for promoting a place designed to promote an active lifestyle.

Tax Services: Make It Easy for Customers

With April coming fast, many people are already eager to get their taxes lined out. Those who are experts in this area know it can be overwhelming for novices.

Marketing for tax services should be presented in a simplistic format. Make the video easy to watch and straight forward, showing the customers how they can sign up for an appointment or even use the service to do their own taxes, if applicable.

Consider making a series of videos, targeted at different types of customers – examples include hourly employees, freelancers, and businesses.

Financial Experts: Help Keep 2020 a Profitable Year

Some of the most common new year’s resolutions involves saving money, spending less, or investing. Any organization that specializes in budgeting or stocks has a great opportunity to promote their services early in the year.

The pitch is simple – start early and by the end of the year, get ready to see results. Like tax services, this deals with money, so it’s very easy to market.

Travel Agencies: Show the World Through Orlando Video Production

Another common goal for the new year is to travel and see the world. Companies that specialize in helping people travel have a great opportunity to make dreams come true.

Common services to promote include hotel booking, plane and boat ticket sales, and car rentals. It can also be helpful to promote specific destinations and the attractions they offer.

No matter the industry or the company, it’s always easier to create a stunning video project with the help of a skilled Orlando video production company.

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