Video Production: Discovering a Recipe for Success

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Are cooking and filming related? In many ways, all successful Orlando video productions require some of the same elements, such as good lighting, an active script, and seamless editing. Once your production’s basic “recipe” is in place, you can add in dashes or pinches of other ingredients to help make your video stand out. Here is how to get started:


Following the Recipe: Pre-Production Prep

Preparing to cook a large meal includes an abundance of trial and error. Your first brainstorming session may include a multitude of ideas that are not viable, but the creativity is what counts in this part of the process. Refining and storyboarding an idea is next, followed by collecting all the data you will need for a day of filming. Will you use actors or have a voiceover? Are you interested in filming on location, in your offices, or in front of a green screen? Your Orlando video production team can help you navigate these decisions and decide what is best for your commercial or film project.


The Main Course: Your Core Content

As you prepare for filming, there are many ways to define your content. Is your video seasonal, intended to highlight a special sale, or useful for long-term advertising? Are you planning to upload your video to your website or social media, or will you include it in an email newsletter? If you are creating a television commercial, consider consulting with your production company to get the best possible price and time slot through media buying.


No matter your platform, consider your target audience. How, when, where, and why do they consume content, and what sorts of advertising are they interested in? These questions will help you define and strengthen your content, making it more impactful in the long run.


Side Dishes and Window Dressings: Making It Yours

No matter where you intend to post, upload, or showcase your video, the visual media market is already saturated with content. How can you ensure that your video production stands out? Your camera crew should be equipped with the best lighting and filming technology to give you a polished, professional look. You should also consider your choice of typography, slogans, graphics, angles, and other effects.


Clean-Up: Post-Production Strategies

Once filming is complete, post-production work begins. Unfortunately, jumpy cuts, poorly sequenced events, uneven lighting levels, and overall sloppy editing have ruined many productions. Reducing hours of filming into a 30- or 60-second commercial is not an easy feat, and neither is combining two days’ worth of convention footage into a single montage or corporate video. Your production crew can help you throughout the entire brainstorming and filming process, but these experienced professionals are especially valuable for editing and marketing your video content.


Our Orlando Video Production Company, NG Production Films, has over a decade of experience helping companies create polished commercials, corporate videos, and other film projects. We can assist you in every step of the process, from beginning to end. Call NG Production Films at 877-203-2895 for a free consultation or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.