Video is a visual media form, but the audio is just as important.

For those who are editing and producing Orlando video production projects, knowing the basics of audio production is significant.

Every aspect of audio production could be extrapolated on for pages, but here’s a concise guide to the primary aspects of audio editing.

4 Important Aspects of Audio Production for Videos

Anyone who is looking to produce a video should know about the fundamentals of audio production. Here are four important topics to consider when editing soundtracks.

1.    Noise Filters Clean Up Tracks

Got some fan noise from the nearby PC? Maybe a low hum from the lights overhead? Noise filters can be used to rid audio tracks of these unwanted background sounds.

The average editing software probably has a noise suppressor built in. These filters are also included in some mics, so the audio is filtered properly before it is processed.

2.    Equalizers Improve Overall Audio Quality

Noise filters could be thought of as equalizers in some ways, as they take out unwanted frequencies. However, EQ can also be used to improve the good parts of audio tracks rather than just taking out the bad parts.

EQ can come in the form of software or hardware add-ons. If there’s a strong frequency in a music track, editors can bring it out. EQs can also be used to add a little more punch to vocal tracks to help them stand out in mixes.

3.    Limiters Prevent Clipping

Everyone wants their audio tracks to be nice and loud. However, making tracks too loud can result in them clipping – meaning they hit the ceiling and result in an unpleasant popping, crackling noise. It can hurt the overall video quality, so it is good to prevent it ahead of time.

Limiters can be added to individual tracks and master tracks, ensuring there is some room at the top no matter how far the track is boosted. This lets editors raise the volume safely (to a point) without damaging the quality.

4.    Audio Leveling Can Be Done Within a Single Track

All editors know about leveling the audio between different tracks. However, it is also possible to level the audio within a single track.

The track can be split into several parts, with the audio leveled on each one to make the track feel more consistent. It can bring up quieter parts or bring down louder parts and provides much more control than normalizing the audio.

Improving Audio with Orlando Video Production Experts

Like video, audio editing sometimes requires help from the experts. With this type of assistance, anyone can get the crisp, clear, professional-sounding audio they want.

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