Throughout the average day, people purposely set up simple hacks to urge them on.

Think of how many people set double alarms to prevent oversleeping or put up a reminder on their phone or the mirror about important tasks. These simple steps can do a lot to push people toward the goals they want.

Sometimes the goal isn’t as simple as waking up or remembering to run errands. It can be getting an excellent price on a product, especially if it’s one the buyer has been watching a while.

For anyone using video production projects as promotional content, there are a few ways to make the content more pressing and increase the likelihood of the viewer clicking through.

Get Creative with the Concept of Time to Stress Urgency

Often, we’re taught to believe that urging people on or making them fear missing out is a negative thing. However, when a person has something good to offer, urging others to take part can be a positive action.

Time limits are proven motivators. Strict time limits can help compel people to take advantage of sales and specials, even if the products or services being offered aren’t necessarily on their wish list. Put the dates of sales at the beginning of the video and on the thumbnail.

To get a bit more creative with the fleeting nature of the promotion, consider having the time remaining scroll across the bottom periodically. It’s even okay to add the sound of a ticking clock to portions of the video as a psychological motivator to bring up the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Show the Product in Action While Features Are Being Discussed

If a product is being sold, users are interested in the features – but only because they want to know how these features will benefit them.

A simple video marketing hack can shift the focus from what a product can do to how it can help someone. Simply show the product in action while talking about the features. The old-school approach of recording a still product, even with creative shots, isn’t engaging enough to compel viewers to act with urgency.

Take it a step further by bringing in video testimonials – not only will a viewer see the product works, but they’ll also know it worked for someone else.

Make Promotional Orlando Video Productions a Success

Promotional videos are a helpful tool any organization can use to be more successful. To master the fine art of video marketing, so it closes deals and generates sales, consider bringing in an Orlando video production company. A skilled expert can help provide the perfect vibe a video marketer is going for and help them accomplish business goals.

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