Even though 2020 saw many industries struggle, tech’s going strong.

Thanks to factors like the remote work shift and the rise of e-commerce, companies are pursuing digital transformation opportunities faster than ever.

Video production is the perfect tool to show off complex tech concepts to others. Whether it’s explaining new processes to employees or demoing services for potential investors, video marketers can leverage this media type effectively.

Now is the time to plan out a video production and capitalize on these tech trends’ growing popularity.

Cybersecurity is a Priority, and Not Just for Businesses

Businesses have a vested interest in cybersecurity for the sake of their network and their hardware. But there’s another important aspect of the business world that relates to security – the customers.

The economic downturn of 2020 made cyber attacks more common and more damaging. Companies that see their customers’ information get compromised may never be able to get those customers back, even if they close the security hole later.

Video production can be used to show off a company’s security procedures, provide educational materials to employees on security practices, and much more. Security needs to be shown, not just talked about, making video the perfect medium for it.

The Blockchain Could Change Decentralized Organization

Technology and communication are forever intertwined. But usually, communicating and collaborating requires everyone to send information to (and trust) a central organizer.

The blockchain, a distributed ledger technology, could change this. Functioning as a network to store and transfer data, accessible by a wide range of individuals through public or permission access, it could provide unprecedented organizational capabilities without the need for a governing authority.

Some believe the technology is so promising that the next world-changing company will be built on it. However, since the tech is still in the early stages of widespread adoption, video tutorials can be helpful.

For example, companies could demonstrate how an update to the blockchain from one device shows on another, showcasing reliability and proving the blockchain as a viable and trustworthy tool.

It could also help industries that rely on the blockchain, like crypto, educate future participants on how the system works.

AI Could Help Companies Be Safer and More Economical

With more people facing layoffs and furloughs because of health issues, companies are turning to smarter technology to handle their common tasks.

This could be anything from automating responses to customer service complaints through chatbots or streamlining industrial processes that are too time-consuming or too dangerous for humans to perform.

Video can help take some fear of rogue machines and job-stealing technology away by showcasing AI’s benefits.

Master Tech Videos with an Orlando Video Production Company

Even someone who is an expert in cybersecurity, the blockchain, AI, or any other tech trends may not have top-level video production skills.

Or even if they do, they may not have the time to handle all the production process themselves. Make any tech-based Orlando video production project easier by bringing in the experts.

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