It’s been a long year full of ups and downs – but what if Orlando production could turn frowns upside down?

When the average person thinks of video productions, they may picture informative guides, historical documentaries, or even work modules.

All these are highly effective video applications. However, don’t neglect the impact of making viewers smile, chuckle, or even have a hearty laugh.

No Laughing Matter in Marketing? Think Again

Traditionally, video marketers have used video production as an advertising tool. If the goal is to boost the bottom line, why worry about coming off funny?

The answer is simple – laughter is good for the audience.

It’s been proven to relieve stress, which is massively valuable in 2020. Healthy immune systems are also vital this year and beyond, and laughter has been proven to boost them as well. Laughter can even reduce pain by releasing endorphins.

These are just a few of the benefits, and the list could go on. The point is, laughter is universal, quite literally a medicine, and it’s super easy to incorporate into any video production.

Guidelines for Funny Videos: Quick, Clean, and Industry Focused

Everyone’s idea of humor is different, but a few general guidelines can apply to any video where the goal is to get a laugh.

The first is to keep it quick. This is easy because many jokes consist of two parts – the setup and the punchline. Even if the joke is based on a story and goes on for a bit, it’s okay. Just cut the fluff, so the payoff is worth the wait.

Next, keep it clean. What’s that mean? Avoid the typical taboos – race, religion, sex, politics, and drugs. Some topics may fall into the middle ground. Is it okay to joke about the pandemic? It depends on the context. Just make sure any humor falls in line with the company’s guidelines and culture and doesn’t make light of anyone’s personal pain or struggles.

Finally, industry-focused humor is the best. Run a law firm? Talk about the guy who stole a calendar and got twelve months. Own a restaurant? Talk about the customer who sent back a bowl of rabbit stew because it had a hare in it.

Tips for Structure: Animations and Simple Captions Work Best

As for structuring a comical video, animations are perfect if the joke is based on a story. Being able to follow the character’s journey gets the viewer more invested in the punchline.

For industry-focused jokes, basic footage of the business can provide the perfect backdrop for title cards or captions to handle the actual delivery.

No Joke: Call the Professionals for Orlando Video Production Help

Calling in an Orlando video production company can help anyone create a presentation that is polished and engaging.

Whether the goal is to make the viewer click through, have a laugh, or both, quality matters. Any video marketer can get better results with the help of a proven video production expert.

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