Tips for Creating a Successful Car Dealership Commercial

Creating a commercial for your business can be fun and very rewarding.  It gives you the opportunity to showcase your company, raise brand awareness, and engage potential customers.  If your company is a car dealership, you’ll most likely want to target people looking for a car in your area.  In order to be the most effective, follow these general guidelines in creating a commercial for your car dealership:

Get your staff involved: Making a commercial for your dealership can be a great team building exercise.  Getting your staff actively involved in the process is a great morale booster.  By showcasing your employees in your commercial, or even just having them there as you shoot the footage, you are demonstrating to them that you care about their input.

Change your perspective: Don’t limit yourself to one angle for the entire commercial.  Try mixing it up by having the shot come in from the side or above your head.  This is a great way to highlight other cars and shift the focus of your commercial.

Don’t zoom in and out excessively: Every dealership wants to highlight the cars that they sell.  However, zooming in and out on specific cars may give the viewers a headache. A simple pan and scan, or perhaps a wider shot highlighting a specific line of cars, can show your customers what your dealership has to offer.

Have fun: Finally, have fun while making your commercial.  Emotion is conveyed on camera, so if you are having a good time shooting the commercial, it will show in the video.  Viewers of the commercial will see that you are happy and will associate that with your car dealership.

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