Tips and Tricks for Convention Video Production.

Every year in Orlando, there are many conventions happening all over, either at Orange County Convention Center or hotels that have breakout rooms or even convention centers. Corporate companies from all over the world come to a convention to learn about new products or teach others through breakout sessions and seminars. Since these conventions only happen one time, companies requests to film either the speaking engagements, breakout sessions, tradeshow booths or even set up interviews.

When filming these important events, you can run through many challenges that could affect your final video quality. Today, I will give you some tips and tricks for convention video production in Orlando. These tips and tricks are coming from previous experience that could help you on your next Orlando video production.

Tip #1: When coordinating your video shoot with your client, always make sure you make a solid schedule with your interviews, breakout sessions or B-roll. By doing so, it will help you ensure a smooth production. These convention halls are huge and trying to lug gear back and forth because of poor planning, can strain the camera crew; which will then affect your quality and missing out on important video.

Tip #2: Always have your clients involved on the shoot with composition and framing. Even though you maybe the best videographer in the world, you still should show your clients some framing and shots, so he or she can sign off and they know what they are expecting. Since these Orlando video productions happen only once and there is no way to replicate the event again, you will give your client piece and mind that you are filming exactly what they want. This is great customer service!

Trick #1: When filming breakout sessions with a speaker, always bring some audio cables such as XLR’s and adapters. To ensure a clean audio feed, it is best to plug into the house mix audio board AUX out. Sometimes when walking into a breakout room, they do not have an audio tech or the audio board only have a ¼” jack. By bringing along some adapters, you can use a ¼” quarter to XLR and plug right into your camera.

Trick #2: Running around filming run and gun interviews can be a challenge already. The last thing you want is dark video of the interviewee. It is sometimes dark or dimmed in the halls and the trick to over come a cleaner video is to bring along an on-camera light. We prefer LED panels because it does not become hot and the battery life become much longer.

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