Video Production 101: The Art of Brainstorming

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Preparing for a production means choosing a message, setting a budget, and brainstorming ideas for bringing the video project to fruition in a clear, compelling way. Many people forget or neglect the very basis of brainstorming, however, which is trial and error. Embrace the process and consider it to be a time of growing pains, where mistakes may come in the form of impossible, irrelevant, or inane ideas. The art of brainstorming includes approaching each session with an open, engaging, and collaborative spirit. Keep reading to quickly learn more about making your next brainstorming session a success:


Let Your Guard Down

Perhaps you already have a clear vision in mind for your next Orlando video production. If possible, however, avoid clinging solely to this idea. Even if it does not get replaced with other material, a good brainstorming session could contribute to your message or help it adapt to your audience. By letting your guard down and allowing yourself to be open to other possibilities, you and your team are much more likely to wind up with a well-rounded production.


Ask for Input

The best way to lower your guard is by asking others to contribute. Find a team you can trust, whose opinions you can respect regardless of whether or not you agree with them. It is important to choose others who are good to work with, because brainstorming involves plenty of back-and-forth banter. Even if you know that you could do it all yourself, allow others to give input. They may be able to offer ideas that you missed or never would have considered.


Experiment with Ideas

Speaking of ideas, the process of brainstorming includes a lot of experimentation. Examine your production from multiple angles, and do not be afraid to bring in ideas that may feel far-fetched or unnatural. Many companies choose a basic premise for their productions and ultimately stay safely within their comfort zone. While this approach works in terms of physically producing a video, it is not the best way to create compelling content.


Instead, choose a simple term or focus keyword and branch off from there. Allow room for input of all kinds, and do not stop with the video’s message or script. Take your creativity beyond the boardroom and think in terms of exciting locations, angles, graphics, and other visuals. The goal is to capture your audience’s attention immediately and keep it throughout the length of your production.


Make Mistakes

We have all been given this advice in different areas of our lives, from middle school sports teams to college science classes. Still, it can be extremely difficult to let yourself feel good about making mistakes. The truth is, even the most seasoned camera crews learn something new on every shoot. As you prepare for your production, do not be afraid to make mistakes, especially early on in the process. The more open you are while brainstorming and storyboarding, the more likely you will create a strong, engaging video.



Avoid Overthinking Content

At this point in the process, your brain might be in overdrive. You could be thinking that the production has to be just right; that there is a ton riding on this project; or that the video could be a budgeting drain or marketing risk. Video productions are important for companies, so it is common for producers or production heads to feel anxious about the process. A common mistake, however, is for those individuals to then begin overthinking the content in an attempt to make it “perfect.”


In many cases, the more you attempt to manipulate your video’s content, the more likely it is to come across as unnatural or stilted. Keep your intended audience in mind the entire time, and use everyday language and speech patterns in your script. Develop and flesh out ideas for the shoot, but check with your brainstorming and storyboarding team to ensure those ideas are not getting lost in translation.


Our Orlando Video Production Company, NG Production Films, can assist you on your video product from the very first brainstorming session to the final editing room. Our experienced crews will help you narrow down ideas, hone your focus, and develop a professional yet audience-accessible production. Call us today at 877-203-2895 for a free consultation or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.