Video Production 101: What Does My Audience Think About While I Am On Camera?

Advertising is a visual medium, from Internet commercials to product spots and tutorials. Before calling in an Orlando video production team for your next ad spot, consider reviewing how you will appear on the screen. From your image to your attitude, here are four things that your audience thinks about when they see you on camera:

1. Outfit

Even if you do not believe the saying “clothes make the man,” it is worth noting that consumers do pay attention to how you are dressed in commercials, short films, infomercials, or other ad spots. Your audience may not be wondering where they can buy that exact shirt or belt, but they are gleaning an overall sense of your appearance and style. The audience is not entirely superficial, but they are, perhaps unconsciously, picking up on your company’s vibe and personality.

2. Physical Atmosphere

The atmosphere of your Orlando video production refers to two aspects: what is physical, or visible, and what is palpable, or implied. The physical side of your atmosphere refers to the background you choose for your video. This could be a backdrop used behind customer testimonials, a tour of your office space, or a montage of indoor and outdoor shots. Is your desk overly messy or suspiciously clean? Do you want to show off your extensive warehouse storage or new equipment? It is important to decide what background information you want to share with your audience.

3. Palpable Atmosphere and Attitude

This is where your company’s image comes into play. Are you friendly and approachable, offering family services with a personal touch? Do you want to share glowing customer testimonials, or give your audience a closer look at your staff? If your industry is sharp and cutting-edge with the latest technology, do you want to reflect this with clean, sophisticated typography? Have you considered if you want background music and how that music can play a role in your video production? These are all aspects to think about as you consider how you can portray your company’s overall image.

4. The Take-Away

People do not watch television or commercials completely mindlessly. No matter what, your audience wants to know that there is a point to your ad spot, and they want to know what it is. Why invest time and money into a video production if you do not have a clear vision for the segment? You may be interested in simply getting your name out there, but you should have something tangible attached that to that name. Having a clear goal for every video production is crucial and will help your audience remember you in a positive and specific way. In addition, take this opportunity to break through the theatrical “fourth wall” and connect with your audience. Direct them to your website or your social media accounts, or make a point of telling them to call or stop by anytime. Building relationships and a strong clientele are about projecting a clear, positive image to your consumers and then delivering it with your products or services.

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