Video Production Tips: How to Make the Most of Your Interviews

Your next video project may include interviews with clients, employees, customers, or even people you plan to stop on the street. You may have a few questions prepared, but there are many other aspects of interviewing to consider before the camera rolls. Here are a few great ideas to improve the quality of interviews in your next Orlando video production:


Set the Scene

Before filming, try to get to know your interviewee a bit. You can describe your day, toss off a couple of humorous anecdotes, or ask a few general questions about them. Try to establish a comfortable, relaxed environment so that the conversation, both on and off camera, feels natural. This will also help you capture genuine moments throughout the interview.

If you are hoping to film reactions to a product or presentation, make sure everything is in place and ready to go before filming. Limit the number of takes to help keep things fresh and honest, and consider capturing the scene from several different angles instead of reshooting. If you are include outsiders or passersby in your video, make sure you explain why you are making a video and why their participation is important.

To Script or Not To Script?

Your Orlando video production crew can help you storyboard and script your project, which is an extremely important part of the process. Having a clear vision will make your production stronger while saving you time and money. The script makes it clear to both you and your interviewee why you are interviewing them.

At the same time, avoid giving your interviewee a list of questions ahead of time. This may make he or she feel the need to recite scripted answers word-for-word, killing your interview. Instead, you can send a bulleted list of talking points ahead of time to help them prep for the interview while leaving room for flexibility.

Be Conscious of Time

An experienced camera crew will be ready to go ahead of time so that there are no unforeseen lighting, audio, background, or equipment issues. While conducting an interview, be flexible and follow what your interviewee says. You should be able to get the conversation back on track, unless you want to follow an interesting tangent or anecdote. If some aspects of the interview are not working, simply take a short break and reset. You do not want to blame your interviewee as this may make him or her nervous and less willing to share information.

Let Them Know How It Is Going

You may capture the perfect testimonial only to have your interviewee hate the set-up and refuse to share the shot. To avoid this, film a few seconds at the beginning of the session and let your interviewees see themselves. This playback will also give you a chance to check the audio levels and adjust lighting if needed.  Additionally, you may want to offer a couple of “redos” if the person you are interviewing stumbles over a few words or seems unhappy with his or her response. Being mindful and considerate will make the interview process more comfortable and much more productive.

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