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Audio quality can make or break a video production, regardless of its visuals or content. You cannot settle on the perfect location for filming until you determine how well your crew will be able to capture the audio there. Thankfully, there are several ways to help control and enhance the captured audio of each scene whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors. Here are four aspects of audio to consider when planning your next Orlando video production:


Explore the Space


There are many factors to contemplate as you scout locations, from identifying light sources to calculating the amount of usable space. As you reexamine your chosen location closer to filming, however, you should particularly focus on the area’s ambient noise and other audio considerations. Is there are a lot of noisy roadside traffic? Are there are any large events scheduled in the area the day of filming? If it is an indoor location, note the resonance of the room. Different rooms may be dead and dry or very live with echoes. Knowing what the location is like can help your crew prepare for, adapt to, and even alter the acoustics of the space.


Capturing even audio levels is often more difficult on outdoor shoots, especially when you factor in wind noise. It may be possible to help limit the amount of disruptive wind noise by shifting the location slightly, such as filming beside or behind an exterior wall. Special equipment can also help, as we will discuss later in the post.


Ask for Help Making Adjustments


No matter where you are filming, you may need some cooperation from co-workers, neighbors, or business owners before production begins. Talk to the individuals who live or work nearby your location, and request that they be mindful and quiet for the shoot. In the case of office buildings, reroute hall traffic or send an office-wide memo as a reminder to reduce excess noise that day. Meanwhile, talk to building management about turning off automatic devices during filming, including heaters, air conditioners, fans, and filters. Many people may be more cooperative the day of the shoot if they are approached about helping in advance.


Plan to Guide Pedestrian Traffic


Imagine setting up the perfect shot and getting halfway through a take only to have a few wayward tourists step into the background. Unfortunately, this scenario is likely to happen if you do not put someone in place to help manage traffic flow. Have someone standing at the street corner to gently guide pedestrians out of the camera line. Keep in mind that rerouting vehicular traffic may require special permission or permits, and may not reduce noise by much. Instead, focus on finding an outdoor location with limited ambient noise.


Have the Right Equipment on Hand


Hiring a professional camera crew is the best way to ensure your production will have high-quality audio both indoors and out. First, they will likely use top-of-line equipment with a boom microphone rather than depending on a camera’s built-in microphone. Alternatively, they may wire each actor individually and mix tracks later. Your crew can also help you determine the best placement to avoid inadvertent outdoor wind tunnels or indoor echoes.


Our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films, will work to capture crystal clear audio at any location. We have over 15 years of experience producing commercials and other film projects for individuals, businesses, and organizations across the area. For a free, no-obligation consultation, fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (877) 203-2895.